Accused white supremacists ‘serial rioters’ plead guilty over racist mayhem in Charlottesville

These are not good people. These are White supremacists who travel around just to incite violence.

They are thugs and should be in jail.

“Benjamin D. Daley and Michael P. Miselis, alleged members of a white-supremacist group called the Rise Above Movement, or RAM, were among four men indicted by a federal grand jury last year on charges related to the rally on Aug. 12, 2017, which descended into a day-long scene of violent clashes between racist demonstrators and counterprotesters.”

trump wasnt referring to them

been debunked 1 million times

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When trump said good people he didn’t mean these people, CITM. He meant all the fine people who showed up, saw these people, and then marched with them!





To help the nazis and the white supremacists protect statues of foreign generals who killed US military on US soil.

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Good. Saved a long drawn out trial. They can go spend some time with the Aryans.

I hope they get maximum allowable.

Interesting they were all four from deep south flyover country.

um, yeah if you listen to his statement on something other than msnb psycho c you see he outright says hes not referring to those supremacists.

Oh, so the other supremacists then. Just not these 4.


Who shows up to join a White Supremacists rally?

White supremacists, white supremacist supporters and white supremacist sympathizers.


These asses were from California? Really? I thought they were all KKK members from the deep south? That’s how the Alt-left media portrayed them?

he was referring to people arguing over the issue of statues

not people at these hate rallies like your “news” taught you to think

but enough about what he actually says

maybe one day you’ll actually go listen to what he said in full context

your silence on the topic from now on will likely prove you did. otherwise you’ll keep believing the completely distorted narrative.

i kind of envy your bliss

I would love to see a link to support that contention.


White supremacists are in every one of our States.

Maybe you should just celebrate their guilty plea.

There’s quite the surge in White Supremacists in Western US. Which makes the notion that they were there for some statues even more ridiculous.

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Can we agree that white supremacists are the worst kind of supremacists?

How can we rationalize our claim?

I agree about the notion.

Why do you think the surge in California?

theres quite a surge of attention to the ones that were there

I’ve listened to it repeatedly.

Why would Californians care about some Civil War statues? It was a White Supremacists rally.


i dont know or care about angry haters’ opinions of historical figures.

glad you know what trump actually meant now