Accountants Must Turn Over Trump’s Financial Records, Lower-Court Judge Rules

Has he ruled already?

Dude. That may be the worst insult I’ve gotten. I may have to flag you. :joy:

MERRICK GARLAND is the Chief Judge of the DC District Court of Appeals.

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I think he is a moderate. So the President does stand a sporting chance. Right? But as for me, the constant fishing expeditions are boring me to death. I really don’t care anymore.

If he sticks to law without any personal bias…but can he do that?
That in itself is cause to contest.

Can anyone truly free themselves of personal biases?

No…not to my knowledge anyway. No matter how you try that under current is always there.

This so called judge refused to stay the order while awaiting the appeal. The subpoena is active, and Mazars has now said they will fully comply. I expect them to begin transmission of requested information as early as tomorrow morning.

Something needs be done quickly otherwise Mazars is going to comply. That can’t be allowed to happen.


Well, no. The judge very specifically did not grant a stay on the subpoenas pending appeal.

Mazars can try to stonewall until the DC Circuit hears the appeal, but they’re opening themselves up to significantly heavy fines for contempt of Congress.


All court cases should be divided and viewed trough political affiliation from the Judge on down IMO

Oh man trump is going to ■■■■ a brick

At this point, everyone should recuse themselves and let Judge Judy decide.


The President is not a party to this case.

And the law is not ambiguous.

Well, we’ve seen that the fiscal conservatives weren’t fiscal conservatives and the tea party didn’t care about the national debt.

Now we get to watch a lot of those same people who said they were for law and order cheer for breaking the law.

None of this surprises me.


Merrick Garland’s grandparents were Russians. Doesn’t that kind of make him a Russian? Trump’s got that going for him then.


I think everybody saw this coming from a mile away. Well, except blind Trump boot-licking loyalists. They seem to hate America and her laws. Oh well, ■■■■ em. Now, can’t wait for Mazars to conform with the subpoena and turn over Fat Donald’s tax returns, along with supporting documentation, to the House.


To be fair Donald Trump has always been clean so I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.

Ah yes, Rep. Schiff gets it, even if Fat Donald’s brigade of boot-licking incels does not.


Trump’s twitter account is going to go wild when someone explains to him what’s going on.

A judge who wants his opinions upheld advises lawyers not to appeal his ruling against them? Good luck to him on that.