Accepting Apologies

Last week, Saturday Night Live aired a segment where a young performer, Pete Davidson (sorry, I don’t know who he is other than the fact that he apparently had a brief engagement to a pop singer and looks a bit like he could be Jim Jarnusch’s kid) apologized to Dan Crenshaw for a pretty crude joke he made about Crenshaw’s eye patch. (Crenshaw lost an eye in Afghanistan).

On the 11/11 show, Davidson apologized, and then Crenshaw came on and they did a pretty funny segment together (saw it on youtube, not an SNL watcher). Davidson seemed sincere in his apology and Crenshaw was a real gent and a good sport, and it came off looking like bygones were bygones.

IMHO, that’s pretty much how it should be. If you offend, you apologize, the offended party accepts the apology and you both carry on. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the way both sides regard apologies. There are no drastic or real world consequences when the left gives offense - they expect to be forgiven and generally are. However when they take offense - as in their response to Mel Gibson or Roseanne Barr - apologies are not enough to avoid serious career consequences.


Did you send that to our illustrious Dear Leader?

I am still awaiting his apology for calling me his enemy.

I just can’t seem to move on without it.

I didn’t stay up long enough to see that, but thanks for posting, I’ll look it up. Sounds classy all around.

BTW, the OP makes a crack about Pete Davidson looking like Jim Jarmash’s kid (don’t know who that is) but did you know that Pete Davidson’s dad was actually a NY firefighter who died in the 9/11 attacks?

It was a funny segment. Crenshaw seems like a standup guy and roasted Davidson well which he took like a man. I agree with the op. This is how two people can work out their differences in a productive way. Not just keep jabbing at each other like children. Too bad the president couldnt take a lesson.

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Here’s the whole segment. Glad to see this. And yeah, more than a few people can learn a lesson from this.

I said that I had no idea who Pete Davidson is, so until I heard it after the fact, I didn’t know his dad died on 9/11. That, however, is not relevant to what he said on SNL, his segment with Crenshaw or his uncanny resemblance to the filmmaker, Jim Jarmusch. I have a feeling Davidson would agree. I’m not sure that qualifies as being a “crack”. Jarmusch is known for his youthful face and shock of prematurely white hair.

For those who are not familiar with the indie filmmaker Jim Jarmusch - he’s not to everyone’s taste, rather avant garde - check out the film “Night on Earth” - 5 cab rides in 5 major cities. You can skip all of them but for the Rome segment with Roberto Benigni. Quite risqué, but may be one of the funniest 20 minutes on film.

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I didn’t mean “crack” in a bad way. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for making the OP.

But did you see their follow up?

Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai is my favorite Jarmusch film.


Pete Davidson is a pretty funny guy. He may have crossed the line on Crenshaw, but anymore, comedians are expected to go blue. Not to give him an out, just noting what comedy has become now days. One of my favorite comics is Bill Hicks, so I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, just the way things are. Glad he did the segment to humanize the subject of his joke.

Comedians are born blue.

Last year, a sequel for “Ghost Dog” was announced - there seemed to be some vagueness about whether it would be a film or a TV miniseries. I liked the film, too. And although “Down By Law” is a bit odd and underfunded, it did put the phrase “No room to swing a cat” into the common lexicon.

He not only dishonored his father’s memory then, but also every man and woman in the military, including our Vets.

There are no limitations of morality within the Liberal Media. Weather it be the Liberal Fake News, Liberal Hollywood, or Liberal Social Media outlets such as “Google” and Facebook.

Cool story bro.