Acceptable behavior?

Obama is not an American President. He is an American ex-president. I would see this the same as how one might speak about one’s present wife versus how one may speak about one’s adulterous ex-wife. While they are the President, honour them. Once they have been dismissed, you may deal with them as any other ordinary citizen.

It seems that the people whining about Trump disrespecting ex-president Obama have no qualms about saying the most slanderous and disrespectful things about their present President.

The 80s called and want their foreign policy back.

Then you are OK with what trump did?

Sure. If his predecessor is trailing along behind him like Wormtongue in LOTR, trying to undermine what Trump has been working on with other world leaders and stabbing his President in the back, sure Trump’s entitled to hit back at the traitor.

Maybe the present bunch of bureaucrats and MP’s. But the citizen yellow-vests are not keen to keep those people in those positions of influence. We’ll see what happens in Trump’s second term.

No. Saying that Putin tricked Obama is not praising Putin. That has been repeated in this thread enough.

America has been bad, but it is not Obama’s fault:

Acceptable behavior?

What apology?

Telling the truth is unacceptable now?:thinking:

Yeah the apology tour by Obama was disgusting and insulting as well to be honest.

Good grief.

So … ( … insert something yo9u made up … )

Obama was the hostile one for lying to the fisa judges in order to spy on everyone in his and Hillary’s way of distroying America.

Given that D Trump is the current President of the USA can you think of any actions and/or words during his presidency that have demeaned the office of the President of the USA?

No. Obama didn’t do anything that demeaned the office of President either. Obama did things that demeaned himself, as does every national or corporate leader. They are all human. Anyone who expects to have a perfect leader will have to wait for Jesus to return.

I was actually asking about D Trump. However, you are at liberty to post whatever tickles your fancy.