Acceptable behavior?

Why haven’t you provided the link that shows the context of this comment?

Who will be part of this club?

If you’ve been relying on CNN plus ten for news, you might not realise that a number of countries are electing nationalist leadership and are jettisoning globalism. I think those countries could make bilateral trade deals with one another and confer on how to support and promote the return of political power back into the hands of the people.

Then it should be very easy to name the candidates… Please name who you think will be part of this new club…

Even with a “please” that sounds kinda demanding and unnecessary to me…FWIW.

It isn’t too difficult to see which politicians are winning on a nationalistic message.


Why all the secrecy? Listing the countries would take less typing than all these deflections…

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Nationalism is increasing and the allure of globalism is fading in Italy, France, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Hungary, Slovenia, Denmark, Netherlands, Chech Republic, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, India, Japan, to name a few.

LOL… I’m guessing France and quite a few of those European countries are going to politely decline membership… Sounds like a global juggernaut…

Let me know when Trump puts any US citizens outside his immediate circle first…then we can talk about Trump’s cool kids club.

And who would be in that cool kids club? China? North Korea? Russia?

Yeah- those countries truly aspire to the principles the G7 “only pay lip service to”.


Everything Trump says is a lie, to TDS-ers. Which is why any charge of “lie” from them is taken with a ton of salt.

To you.

Starting with a given premise makes everything he says sound like something else.

This is what President Obama said about then candidate Trump.

The scene was striking: an American president, standing before reporters on foreign soil, declaring that one of his potential successors had “rattled” other heads of state because he had displayed “either an ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude” about them.

So Obama leveled a true statement and Trump goes around calling people he doesn’t like poopy heads.

It is almost like our expectations of how a President should act has been greatly lowered by Trump.

random country name generator used

Except I explained why and it wasn’t a starting premise it was the end result.

Filters generate end results.

And to people like you, any criticism of trump is attributed to TDS.

@Guvnah , what type of Trump criticism isnt TDS?

So you blindly accept everything he says as truth even though he’s been proven as a blatant liar? I would take the opinion of someone like that as suffering Trump Desperation Syndrome. And with a grain of salt.

It’d be a lot of fun to compare contemporaneous Dixie Chicks threads with this one.

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Is it true?