Abu Khatalla sentenced to 22 years for his role in Libyan Embassy attack

The prosecution wanted life in prison. The defense recommended 15 years. Ultimately, Khattala got 22 years in prison. The fact that the jury acquitted Khattala on the murder and attempted murder charges likely influenced the judge to issue a lower sentence. Khattala was convicted on conspiracy and providing material support to terrorism.

With gain time, Khattala will likely actually serve slightly more than 18 & 1/2 years., with credit for more than a year already served, which would further cut it to slightly over 17 years. He is 47 years old and will be around 64 at release, at which time he would be deported to Libya.

Lemme correct the OP post as follows.

It should be 4 years time served, which would cut his expected time in prison to slightly over 14 years, which would have him getting out of prison at around 61 years of age.

another successful trial, conviction and incarceration of a terrorist on US soil by US courts. im guessing the chances are high that he is going to be sent to ADX Florence?

ADX Florence is highly likely.

All convicted terrorists belong in super max to be able to think about the error of their ways.


has there been any instances that you can think of where the US government has failed to make its case toward a terrorist of this nature?

Very few. I believe there has been one or two cases of a terrorist suspect being totally acquitted, as opposed to the 600+ that have been convicted.

In the case of Khattala, the government was unable to convince the jury in regards to the murder charges.

he gets out at an age when many people begin their golden years.
I’d say that the government failed.

He is to high profile to be housed anywhere else.

Not necessarily a failure. If the government did not have enough evidence to convince the jury, beyond a reasonable doubt, that he was guilty of murder, that is simply a lack of evidence, not a failure by the prosecution.

some people don’t like due process.

the killer was countin’ on it. The US court system waa his best friend.

so you rather America did what? just lock him up for ever without due process?

umm… no.

I support capital punishment for terrorists. Swift capital punishment.

his best friend that is going to lock him up in one of the most depressing, isolated locations in the world and will not see sunshine until he is so old they are going to deport him to a location here he will be within the margin of error for life expectancy.

hell of a friend

so that would mean a trial which he was given and only got 22 years.

A few. Jose Padilla comes directly to mind.


inmate 20796-424 living large in ADX Florence right now? that Padilla?

Yeah constitution due process is so hideous.

The govt didn’t prove their case, end of story.


Govt could not prove dirty bomb allegations.

So they got him on conspiracy.