Absolutely Trumps Fault!

Remember Marilyn Mosby, the Prosecutor for Baltimore that charged Police Officers with Freddie Gray? Well she used Covid Provisions to withdraw retirement funds from her account without penalty or paying the taxes on them. She claimed that a personal business that she owned lost money and she needed the funds to keep her business a float. The problem with her claim was that her business didnt generate any revenues in the years before covid. Also, she didnt use the funds for her business , but bought property in Florida with the money. So she was charged in 2023 with perjury, and lost her law license. She is now facing 40 years in prison on the charges, but she is expeted to receive less than 2 years on the charges.

I cant remember who was President in 2023, but she is claiming this is all Trumps fault, and his DOJ. I guess it must be Trump’s fault, everything else is.


The pattern continues. :rofl:


…where our corrupt media will peddle this lying, deceitful narrative for the sheople among us to regurgibleat.

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