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A place of divine rest and retort. All faiths and beliefs are welcome.

God Bless All Of You, and God Bless America!

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If only the Inquisitors had the same open to all faiths policy.

I note though, that if one does not quite tow the party line, the retort ability is expressed quite often.

Even the quotes from Jesus I use are mod deleted.

Even the language is funny.

Divine rest??

Does a God need a rest? If he does have any need or want, he is not God.


That cuts all ways. If you don’t want your views critiqued, don’t post them in public forums.

Is there a party line here? Seems to me everyone’s views are welcome. If a person doesn’t want to discuss their beliefs, posting here is a funny way to demonstrate that.

Does a God need a rest? Not in the context you obviously are putting the word rest in.

I don’t know about need, but where do you get the idea God has no wants and that he isn’t God because he wants?

re: “Does a God need a rest?”

Genesis 2:2-3 says that He did rest. Why do you think He would do that If He didn’t need it?