About deval patrick Entering the 2020 Race

Could just be me, but I’m not buying this is a serious candidacy. I’m pretty sure he’s just a plant to somehow weaken biden, and clear the way for warren, or possibly bernie if it turns that way.

They’ve seen warren’s popularity go stagnant and know that she needs some help to beat biden.

And when you look at almost every poll out there, you can see the top 5 candidates ALWAYS add up to about 75-80%. The bottom tier doesn’t round out the other 20-25% and they know biden is probably higher in the MOE.

It’s a setup.

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I thought the Kid Sniffer got pushed out because of the Crackhead?

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you dont think hillary’s connected?

Of course. She is also under the bed of every conservative when they saw her name three times

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I disagree. He came close to running before. Obama wanted him to run prior. He would be a strong candidate. It just may be to late.

Man -You are obsessed with her aren’t you. Do you see her in your dreams as well?

or, making rounds every talk show as part of her “listening tour” claiming she won and calling everyone russian agents

but its the republicans who have the problem huh?

are you making this all about me personally now?

Im asking a question. Somehow Deval Patrick entering a race made you think Hillary was behind that. Its kinda odd.

I have always thought setting up Biden was a solid secondary objective of the impeachment charade.



youre making it personal

just like all the idealess lefties do all the time


She may have a problem with being able to quietly go into that dark room (or night) but she is not in this thread. Oh wait she is now

shes in the news all the time with stories about her running, but no one’s supposed to mention that in topics about dem candidates

what a great little fantasy upside down world the left dwells in

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I am calling into question her relationship to the Deval Patrick candidacy not whether she s in thew news.

oh! cause it looked like you were being critical of just mentioning her

dang words, and their meaning in the language…

Dang context. Originalists lol

He sounds like a good guy who does what’s right and not for political reasons. Oh wait;

his 2014 decision as governor to push out two members of the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board who had sought to put his brother-in-law on the registry due to a rape conviction.

Wait until the metoo crowd finds out.

But then again, hillary laughed about getting a child rapist acquitted.

Hey look, hillary did show up in my thread!