A special kind of stupid

Apparently that’s what Democrats think of their base. I know it’s election time and I know that stretching the truth a tad and exaggerating is acceptable, because after all, personal integrity is insignificant. It’s all about winning, at any cost.

But is there no limit to things Democrats will say to win, or no limit of stupidity they think their base will believe? This week, I heard some things said that are off the chart stupid.

According to TJ, gas was over 5.00 a gallon when he took office! Wait, WHAT??? Are you serious Joe? Yes, he is and you can bet millions of loyal Democrat brains immediately rebooted and took this new program instruction in and over wrote the truth; gas was about half that when he assumed power.

Then we have Uncle Festtermans wife Gisele. What true philanthropists the Festtermans are! They didn’t aquire that mansion for a dollar because they wanted the mansion. No! They didn’t want the mansion at all, they wanted the pool that came with the mansion! Why, you may ask? Because Gisele especially wanted to turn that private pool into" the people’s" public pool and give minorities access to make up for the fact that swimming is historically racist!

Well, there you have it. Democrat imbecility on full display. These are their answers they put forth in hopes of stemming the red tsunami that’s finally going to repudiate every single thing they’ve done since 81 million people supposedly voted for the senile jack-ass in the box! Way to go Libs! You deserve these idiots…


CNN is calling it false. https://www.cnn.com/2022/10/28/politics/fact-check-biden-gas-prices


Sorry, we all know CNN is fake news.