A republican rips apart the partys hypocrisy

in an editorial in the ney york times peter wehner who served in 3 republican administrations writes

“A party that once spoke with urgency and apparent conviction about the importance of ethical leadership — fidelity, honesty, honor, decency, good manners, setting a good example — has hitched its wagon to the most thoroughly and comprehensively corrupt individual who has ever been elected president. Some of the men who have been elected president have been unscrupulous in certain areas — infidelity, lying, dirty tricks, financial misdeeds — but we’ve never before had the full-spectrum corruption we see in the life of Donald Trump.”

if you looks at the GOP base a large part of it is white evangelicals. who have shown that things like morals and the basic tenets of the chirstanity they claim to follow are nothing more that talking points that they are happy to set aside in the name of political power.

pretty much any long held conservative belief has been exposed as nothing more that words. the dont actually believe in anything except maintaining power.

His approval rating continues to sit right around 42 percent anyway.

Those 42 percent simply don’t care.

…The D had to figure the worm would turn and turn it has.

You cannot cry wolf and expect the impact to always be the same. Trump is your figurative and rhetorical wolf.

BTW his approval is at 44 and 46, not 42.

2020 is going to be so much fun.

Boo Hoo the R are supposed to be the punching bags and never hit back.

So your going to totally ignore the fact that the guy is republican, got it.

Conservative Never Trumpers should be proud that DEMs are embracing them.

In that one poll. The aggregate average is about 42.

Meanwhile, disapproval remains steady at about 53 percent.

Trump cult members have no concern that they are supporting a pathological liar who is both morally and literally corrupt. So long as trump trolls anyone who doesn’t cow tow to him, they are happy.

Selling out their principles should have bought a better result than this.

Speaking truth to power, but it won’t make any difference.

Yes, it does seem cult-like.

What difference does that make?

Romney was a high road roller. He was still called every name in the book in 2012 and his character was impugned with the same lust and fever that Trump gets today.

In 10 years every single Trumper will be whining like little babies because no one wants to vote for them, talk to them, or give them the slightest bit of respect, and they just won’t be able to figure out why.

To be clear…real clear.

The aggregate is at 43.6. The last SIX polls all have been at, or over, 43%.


The people see the raw deal Trump is getting from Mueller and the press.

In spite of it all, Trump continues to perform amazingly as President. I approve.

This only makes sense as a defense if moral character depends on what other people think.

Obama is still called a gay muslin terrorist to this day, but he doesn’t use that as an excuse to do those things.

Conservatives were writing that Rommey had brought the GOP down to a level of corruption previously unseen?

They willingly surrendered their self-respect long ago.

Have you noticed how poorly they argue on the forum? Is there a single one who can consistently make intelligent points?

McCain was called every name in the universe for disobedience to Lord Trump, but his casket will be buried with more dignity inside than those people will ever have, combined.

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Fair enough. I generally look at 538, which grades pollsters for accuracy and adjusts accordingly. It also includes YouGov, which is a highly ranked daily poll which is averaging him around 39 to 40.

Either way, it ain’t 52.

Perhaps the more important thing to look at is state-by-state, and in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan - which were the only reason he managed to win, he’s pretty deep underwater.

As of late June:

PA went from +10 to -4
Michigan went from +9 to -8
Wisconsin went from +6 to -12 (!!)

They took a chance on him once. It doesn’t look like they’d do it again.

Yup yup, honest. The Romney criticisms and the Trump criticisms were same same.

“Same lust and fever,” says Camp.

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