A question for the mods

I have attempted to private message you all. No response.
I tried to craft a thread earlier to question you. Deleted with no response.

Why is it okay for people to repeatedly refer to Joe Biden in a derogatory way as a “Kid Sniffer” and a molester, yet when I made two references to Donald Trump making inappropriate remarks about how he would be dating a little girl in 10 years, they were immediately deleted? One is grotesque innuendo and the other is something with video evidence.

So, what’s the deal?


Yeah…this isnt right at all. I’ve noted the difference here.ive flagged those posts as well. There is no difference outside of d and r beside the person.

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I had a post deleted today because I made a joke about Trump along these lines. It was obviously tongue in cheek yet it was flagged Multiple times and deleted.

So yes there is obviously a double standard and if thats what the mods want to do then thats their prerogative but if thats the case why not just come out and say it.


Perhaps this is the answer you’re looking for.


What I am looking for is an answer from the people deleting certain posts while letting others stand.


And like i said, I believe that’s the answer you’re looking for.

Fat/Obese Donald
Dumpster Donny

Hm…I wonder where these came from. It sure wasn’t the Conservatives.

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I’ve always liked Cheeto Jesus myself.


They came from Trump.

If you cant tell the difference between calling someone fat and a child molester than I dont know what to tell you.

Great if this stays then we can make comments about trump being creepy as well…

Kid sniffer is not the same…

In fact the poster said biden is a child molester…

I flagged it…

Good luck with that, see the video above.

Anyone else pulling that crap would be beaten senseless and arrested.


The forum has rules…that should be applied equally…

The issue has been observed and noticed…you want to defend the poster because he is your buddy. I get it…oh well

Y’all should say my name if you want to complain about me. :wink:

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I don’t think you understand the point of this thread. If you and others want to talk about what you perceive as Biden being creepy, go for it. Others should have the right to discuss the examples of Trump being creepy with kids on tape. What we currently seem to have is one is allowed and one gets immediately deleted. Do you believe that is fair?

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I believe the mod’s are bright enough to distinguish between a legitimate discussion and trolling.

Well then the mods can explain why calling Biden a molester is fine and yet bringing up Trump fantasizing about future dates with little girls is a no no.

You aren’t a mod. I don’t really care what your opinion on the matter is.


yes that has always been one of my favs as well

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GoBamaTheIdiot! Obummer

Never sanctioned.

Dumpster Donnie it is.


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You know outside of that dumb statement. That person is actually a very nice person and friends with me on fb…

Very big heart…