A Parlor Game at Rebekah Mercer’s Has No Get Out of Jail Free Card

All a game to em:

“Through a lawyer, Rebekah Mercer acknowledged possessing the game’s “Rules of Play” but denied any role in the creation of the game or that the game reflects her family’s views.”

“The player who assumes the persona of Robert Mercer starts the game with six hundred million dollars in “cash” to implement his “policy wishlist,” which includes “Mass Deportation of Undocumented Immigrants,” the creation of a “biometrics/Citizens ID,” the use of “Predictive/Algorithmic Policing,” and “Freedom of Religious Discrimination (healthcare, hiring).” In other words, the stakes are higher than buying Boardwalk or sinking your opponent’s battleship. There is no mention of a Get Out of Jail Free card.”

Am I supposed to be outraged by this?

Or are you assuming this is new and exclusive to this election cycle?

Sounds like a fun role playing game. Where do we get a copy?

Probably the same place you can get all the other political role playing games.

Don’t forget to hide your copy. Apparently it’s something reaaaallllllly bad to have in your possession. :neutral_face:

Outraged? Why must everything be about outraging you?

Why are you so worried about this game?

Play the Obama ones instead.

Problem solved.

You probably won’t even have to issue a response from your lawyer for owning it.

You are so down the “left vs. right” you are blind to what is in front of you

What is the point of your thread?

Elites taking advantage of the divisions in America, right down to making a parlor game as they watch ourselves burn from the inside.

What’s your role in said game?

Read the article and find out

wow, you got it bad don’t you?

Go play an Obama political game if it makes you feel better. Relieve some of that stress you have bottled up.

Or are we pretending the other side doesn’t do some nasty crap while belittling the other side even in private?

Oh I bet those Hollywood parties are just so much fin these days!!!


edit button people. Basic forum option.

You are hard stuck on this “other side” tit for tat argument when its not about that.

That simplistic view of “us vs. them” that you have been fed is the problem.

But carry on