A new "People's" Convoy headed to Washington DC in early March?

Seems like Canada truckers are inspiring others in their industry from around the world to follow suit in peacefully protesting the overreach of their respective governments concerning vaccine mandates and the like.

Will be very interesting to see how this takes share here in the United States and apparently very soon.

I, for one, believe it’s long overdue and about time.

How about you all?

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I moved the thread out of the sub-category.

Go truckers, go!

I foresee lots of CSA points for failure to yield to a traffic control device.

I doubt the US Police will be a gentle.

They literally don’t have to do anything but stand on the sidewalk and write tickets until whatever Motor Carrier the driver works for burns down.

Before everybody gets all prickly with each other, maybe we should wait to see if this actually materializes.

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Plus we’ll see whether or not Biden mentions anything on vaccine mandates on a Federal level by then, including in his scheduled State of the Union evening address on March 1st.