A NEW LOW: Schiff Claims RUSSIA Pushed SECOND AMENDMENT so AMERICANS Can ‘Kill Each Other’ | Sean Hannity

Rep. Adam Schiff took his all-out obsession with Russian collusion to a new level Monday evening, breathlessly suggesting the Kremlin promoted the Second Amendment on Facebook to help Americans “kill each other” during the 2016 presidential election.

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The OP headline really doesn’t tell the real story of what Adam Schiff was speaking in the video.

Also there was no evidence he has-had any “all-out obsession with Russian collusion” going on in that videoSNIPPET

Further he didn’t say anything that was untrue.

There was Russian interaction or “interference” in our social media. There was pro-Trump content on Facebook along with anti-Hillary content.

He was spot on with Russian promotion of our 2nd Amendment, while they would never push such at home.

There was evidence that a faux BLM site was used in a campaign to foster racial division.

Oh, there was no “breathlessly” delivered suggestions by Rep. Schiff, I watched the video closely, he was breathing normally during that whole snippett.