A NEW LOW: Actor Calls for Barron Trump to be Held in a 'CAGE WITH PEDOPHILES' over Border Crisis

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/a-new-low-actor-calls-for-barron-trump-to-be-held-in-a-cage-with-pedophiles-over-border-crisis/

First Lady Melania Trump reportedly called the Secret Service Wednesday after a Hollywood actor threatened to kidnap Barron Trump, saying he should be “ripped from his mother’s arms” and held in a “cage with pedophiles.”

According to the Fox News, actor Peter Fonda posted his outrageous tweet late Tuesday evening, accusing the First Lady of “not standing up” for immigrants’ rights along the United States’ southern border with Mexico and directly threatening the President’s youngest child.

[caption id=“attachment_66425” align=“alignnone” width=“768”]

Peter Fonda says Barron Trump should be kidnapped and held in a “cage.”[/caption]

A spokesperson for Melania Trump confirmed she forwarded the vicious tweet to the Secret Service, who are investigating the posting.

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Sounds like a typical dimocrat these days.

Seriously though, they are trying to work people into a frenzy with this nonsense. I guess one james hodgkinson wasn’t enough for them.

Sad. And a stupid thing to say. I hope the secret service can show him the error of his ways.

New low?

Seems typical left-wing extremist to me. You can’t get any lower then they are.

Trust me…Trump has far outwon the day when it comes to taking the country to new lows.

There is nothing more insightful than a radical liberal whipped into an emotional frenzy.

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On a more serious note, where the hell dig they dig up the ghost of a low-tier nepotistic “celebrity” like peter fonda??

I thought he was dead.

“This was bad but Trump is worse.” Not exactly condemning Peter’s statement. Do you support what he said? Or are you simply willing to ignore him saying hateful things about a child in order to voice your displeasure with President Trump?

No but its sort of like complaint about a gnat after there has been a horrendous car crash.

Not really. For 8 years Obama’s children were off limits. Seems the same courtesy is not being afforded to the current president.

Right now Trump literally approved a policy to rip babies from their mothers and you are worried about what some old washed up actor says?

Sure- its dumb. Now focus on what really matters.

Meh. The Secret Service isn’t going to do jack ■■■■ about this. I get Fonda’s point, but feel he should leave the Trump kids that are not involved in ■■■■■■■ over the American people out of it.

it’s just like summer camp

From what I’ve heard that has been the law, legislated by congress, for the past several presidents. It’s not policy, it’s law. If President Trump made any policy it was to follow the law as written. shrug Whatever.

But somehow he magically ended that policy with a stroke of a pen. If he really hated separating families, why didn’t he just sign that EO long ago so this never happened?

Conservatives scour social media looking for the latest outrage. I also thought he was dead.

#MelaniaTrump calls Secret Service after the 2-bit washed out has been actor, #PeterFonda, “Threatens To Kidnap Barron, Cage With Pedophiles…” #Fonda you are as big an idiot as your sister, Jane. Send you to jail #PeterButthead. Where do these sleazbags get their vile deranged points of view?

Not saying there is anything right about what that actor allegedly wants.

But Donald Trump has, time and time again, told the American people how illegal aliens are the lowest of the low; rapists, murderers, drug traffickers, so if he wants those alien children to be kept with the adults then is he doing anything different than that actor?