A day away from the first democratic caucus pick the 1st 2nd 3rd

klobushar, the billionaire, and pete essentially tied for last… which they will all call 3rd. nobody else matters.

I haven’t kept up with her does she do ok after Iowa as well? I remember following Ron Paul in 2012 and he did well in Iowa and NH, then it went all down hill afterwords.

I think Buttigieg will pull it off. Or Bernie.

Biden will underperform

She does not. She needs a good showing in Iowa to build momentum and not be a potential VP pick.

Bernie will win, then Bloomberg will buy all the super delegates. lol :wink:

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Ha interesting theory I have heard some bring up the brokered convention talking point again if Bernie wins with Hillary lurking in the background claws out.

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I would imagine it would be the best thing for Biden if she dropped out fairly quick as it seems she is vying for the left of center moderate voters Biden pulls from.


Say goodnight to the Kid Sniffer, folks. That was a close call for the left. :wink:

Latest Texas Poll
University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll

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How come Buttigieg is suddenly doing so badly with libs down south?

It’s a mystery,…

That butterfly shirt lady takes no guff from anybody. She’s seen some ■■■■■

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