A day away from the first democratic caucus pick the 1st 2nd 3rd

With a day away who and in what order do you think will take the top 3 spots in Iowa.

I predict

  1. Bernie Sanders will win
  2. Joe Biden in second place within 5 points of Sanders
  3. Pete Buttigieg in third place

Predictions of the top 3? If one likes they can add a 4th and 5th as well but the top 3 get all the attention. I am less sure on third place as Warren might do better than expected.

Thoughts predictions?

I think the first place finish will be extremely close, giving a tiny slight edge to Sanders, either way I personally think 1st place can go either way by as little as two points. I agree with Mayor Pete taking third.

I know it’s not scientific but I play around with betting a little on predictit. A week ago it was 44¢ to 24¢ buying Sanders over Biden right now it’s.


Bernie rally Iowa tonight

Biden Iowa rally keeping it real, enthusiasm is overwhelming :wink:

That looks like the biggest political rally ever in the world.




Biden and Warren have poor showings. Reason CNN Poll was scrapped.

  1. Sanders
  2. Biden
  3. Warren
  1. Sanders
  2. Biden
  3. Klobuchar

I’m sorry…my microscope isn’t powerful enough to see this small. :sunglasses:

Which Democrat will won in Iowa?

1- the Socialist

2- the slightly more moderate socialist

3- another socialist

I m sorry that’s probably not in the spirit of the thread but there’s not a dimes worth of difference between any of those people. They are all dangerous big government leftists.

Thanks for posting nothing.

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I would appreciate your view if you understood what socialism is.

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  1. Sanders
  2. Biden
  3. Warren
  1. Sanders
  2. Biden
  3. Buttigeig

Didn’t these freaks push the Russian collusion lie on the American people?

Lets not forget the freaks helped fund the Steele dossier so Obama could spy illegally on Americans.

Don’t forget these sickos also support human trafficking with their open borders.

Interesting I had totally forgotten about Klobuchar she might have a good evening tomorrow.

Because they funded the Steele dossier so Obama could spy illegally on Americans I’m sure Democrats will write in Bozo the clown as the Democratic nominee!

She’s got a decent ground game.


and the Chiefs win tonight.

Can’t be wrong about everything.

You’re a very informed person.