A conservative rebuke of Trump's embarrassing press conference, at the same time acknowledging that actual foreign policy is completely disconnected from Trump's rhetoric

The author acknowledges, as I long ago pointed out long before Trump was elected, that Trump’s massive ego is simply incapable of handling unpleasant truths, one of those truths being Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. To accept that fact is to accept that his 2016 election might have ridden on that interference and that is something that Trump’s ego is simply incapable of accepting, as demonstrated in his pathetic performance at the news conference with Putin.

On the other hand, the rest of the world (at least the leadership thereof) recognizes that Trump is an ego-maniac and that the words out of his mouth have zero value. The actions of his handler’s are essentially the truths they must go on.

For example, Europe blew off Trump’s remarks about increasing their defense spending, as they know the Washington establishment isn’t leaving NATO. They know damn well by now that every word out of Trump’s mouth is mere diarrhea to be ignored.

Only when Trump’s rhetoric is accompanied by action must we truly fear and that mainly is in regards to his idiotic protectionism as evidenced by his various tariff attempts.

But apart from tariffs, the world knows that almost every word out of his mouth is hot air, to be ignored.

It is a huge embarrassment, but in the end means nothing. The world has long been aware of the nature of Trump.


On a side note, I won’t post in the other thread, as I believe it to be a Contempt of Host.

However, I am disappointed in Hannity’s ardent defense of the President on this. I believe our host should take a step back and reconsider this issue. I will leave it with that respectful statement.



That being said I wish I had my post from that thread here. I want to know how our host could claim to be giving an equal voice to the Republican challengers and be straight up in Trump’s campaign from the get go.

I wonder if the National Review would offer this defense for any other President?

Perhaps Trump’s performance should just stand on its own merits rather than obscuring what we can all see with our own eyes with vague reassurances that Trump doesn’t really matter.

If that is the best that conservatism can offer, to not look closely st the blathering idiot it is enabling, then we are in a world if hurt.


They are not exactly defending him. In fact, they have repeatedly attacked him in scathing terms when he has done stupid things.

From the article:

“I have President Putin, he just said it’s not Russia. I will say this: I don’t see any reason why it would be. . . . I have confidence in both parties.”

Both parties. One party being a murderous dictator, and the other the intelligence community that works for him. [emphasis mine]

All of which is disgusting, of course.

Trumpists should read this each and every time before they click to post here. Today was ■■■■■■■ appalling.

Fair enough. But I’m reading this as a plea to not worry about his behavior because he is of no consequence. That strikes me as a defense, if half hearted and backhanded at the same time.

It also strikes me as dangerous. When someone tells you the truth about themselves, believe them.

The President did that today. Hopes that everybody knows he’s a blustering ■■■■■■ are not sound reasoning. He’s occupies the most powerful political position in the world.

I think they are merely acknowledging the fact that he is President for another 2 1/2 years at least and there is nothing that will change that fact. His ego simply must be borne and handled as best possible.


And +10 char

There is no world in which “just ignore what the president of the United States publicly says” is a tenable proposition for anyone.


Until somebody can figure out how to stop up his mouth for the next 2 1/2 years, what are we going to be able to do about it. Not like he listens to anybody.

all it would take is a single GOP senator to start blocking stuff in the senate.

Elect politicians with spines who will do the right thing and remove him from power before he harms our nation any further.

Dont spread lies, you liberal hypocrite!
Every report about NATO summit started with “Trump is actually right to demand that 2% from GDP, it is an older agreement”, then denigrated Trump and finished with “what a bully” and so on. Our hypocrite traitors like Merkel and Macron (who sold us to the Chinese these days instead of joining Trump in that trade war) just avoid to admit that Trump is right and try to say something else. Now the pundits on TV babble-shows claim “we dont have to pay that money because Trump is demanding it, but because its in our ineterest, to defend ourselves” and so on.

A bunch of hypocrites, just like you liberal Americans

It’s almost like nominating an electing an absolute moron, political novice and all around crazy person was a terrible idea for the Republican Party and now they’re desperately scrambling for a way to make this sound better and avoI’d holding this L with a “oh, there’s serious people in the background so just ignore him.”


I didn’t vote for him in the primary or general elections, so thankfully I am not responsible for him.

Not jack **** I can do until the 2020 primaries.

This isnt a truth, but a fabrication of the obuma admin in order to stop Trump
A claim without any evidence isnt a truth

I’m just saying, who’re these Very Serious People in the background handling things? He didn’t bother to appoint all but the most senior agency positions, the career people are leaving in droves and no one can even answer who’s running the White House these days.

Like the EU thing? Mike Pompeo has zero diplomacy experience, a year and change worth of bureaucratic experience, the State Deparment has been basically decimated between Trump and Tillerson. So who are these people stopping Trump from doing something stupid?

It sounds like they’re full of ■■■■ and desperately trying to spin this.

That’s a lot of integrity/courage to expect from a politician.