A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I just watched for the first time the movie: “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”

It was a really good movie, & a testament to kindness & faith. I had no idea the true person he was!


I recommend everyone see it at least once.

God bless…

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if there ever was a saint on earth it would be mr rogers

i also heard it’s a good movie in fact i bet it is. i cant bring myself to see it though. seeing mr rogers portrayed by hollywood scum is too much


Hard to believe Ceasar and I agree on something.

Fred Rogers was a top quality individual and influenced a generation of children.

And he was a huge advocate of public broadcasting and funding via taxpayers money.

LBJ wanted to create PBS and in 1969 it became reality.

Nixon wanted to cut funding in half. Lol (from 20 million to 10 million)

Rogers testified passionately not to cut funding. Not only did Nixon relent about funding
He appointed Rogers as chair on the White House conference on youth.

Top quality.

They don’t make people like Fred Rogers anymore.


He had to flee his citizenship to stay out of prison.

It’s a good movie. Tom Hanks and Matthew Rhys are terrific.

No, it was a very respectful portrayal of him, & you will get to know him…

I don’t think those rumors are true…

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Allan that was then, this is now. Reality is reality. Sometimes organization change and loose site of how they started. Sometimed people change and loose site of their moral fiber.

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It’s on my watch list truly a great guy when you read about the things he has done.

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So what has pbs done to raise your ire.

Sesame Street?


This movie is a true treasure, don’t miss it…

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That is right. We should not loose that focus. Thank you Ceasar.

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Allan if you cannot figure it , it is what it is

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Tom Hanks is “Hollywood scum”?

IIRC it was In and Out Burger he & wife Rita Wilson walked into one day and Mr. Hanks paid for patrons’ lunches. I’ve enjoyed his films & never heard any controversy associated with him.

i’m sure harvey weinstein paid for lunches too. not comparing hanks to him but i dont trust anyone in hollywood. nothing but filth there

just about every one of them is an over the top brainwashed leftist. that right there is enough to be skeptical about them all