9th Circuit Upholds Trump on Abortion Funding

Wow! Trump got a win at the 9th Circuit about withholding Title X funds from medical facilities that perform abortions is constitutional.

Trump wins again!

Looks like they’re finally getting tired of having their warped decisions overturned…clearly displaying…how warped they are…to the rest of the country.

I didnt vote for Trump but I really like what he did with the courts.

He will have my vote in November.

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Excellent news!

Seems like Orange Man may have learned to play the game a bit.

It is not that the 9th Circuit suddenly had an epiphany.

Rather, it is the combine product of Trump’s appointments and more than a bit of good old fashioned luck.

Trump has filled 10 of the 29 authorized Judgeships. All of these with what should be very reliable conservative Judges.

But we can’t just consider what has been gained, but also what has been lost, and what has been lost is perhaps equally important as what has been gained.

Stephen Reinhardt’s death in 2018, and to a lesser extent Harry Pregerson’s death in 2017, ripped the heart and soul out of the left side of the Ninth Circuit and deprived them of their intellectual center. Particularly Reinhardt, who had mastered the procedural rules of the game at the 9th Circuit and was literally a one man judicial wrecking ball.

With Reinhardt, Pregerson and some others gone, the left side of the 9th Circuit has actually moderated.

Then you bring in a tidal wave of conservatives and it is doubtless that the 9th Circuit will be greatly change.

But in the OP case, good old fashioned luck helped. The random draw for the en banc panel that considered this case drew 7 Republican appointees and 4 Democratic appointees. The draw could have gone the other way and this case might have consequently been lost at the 9th Circuit.

So take everything with a note of caution. Conservatives do NOT have full control of the 9th Circuit at this time, though they are a MUCH stronger force now. If Trump wins a second term, he will likely complete the takeover.

But for now, the 9th is kind of teetering towards the middle as a whole.

What follows is the current lineup of the 9th, both active and senior:

Title Judge Duty station Born Term of service Appointed by

Active Chief Senior
74 Chief Judge Sidney R. Thomas Billings, MT 1953 1996–present 2014–present — Clinton
76 Circuit Judge Susan P. Graber Portland, OR 1949 1998–present — — Clinton
77 Circuit Judge M. Margaret McKeown San Diego, CA 1951 1998–present — — Clinton
78 Circuit Judge Kim McLane Wardlaw Pasadena, CA 1954 1998–present — — Clinton
79 Circuit Judge William A. Fletcher San Francisco, CA 1945 1998–present — — Clinton
81 Circuit Judge Ronald M. Gould Seattle, WA 1946 1999–present — — Clinton
82 Circuit Judge Richard Paez Pasadena, CA 1947 2000–present — — Clinton
83 Circuit Judge Marsha S. Berzon San Francisco, CA 1945 2000–present — — Clinton
85 Circuit Judge Johnnie B. Rawlinson Las Vegas, NV 1952 2000–present — — Clinton
88 Circuit Judge Consuelo Callahan Sacramento, CA 1950 2003–present — — G.W. Bush
90 Circuit Judge Milan Smith El Segundo, CA 1942 2006–present — — G.W. Bush
91 Circuit Judge Sandra Segal Ikuta Pasadena, CA 1954 2006–present — — G.W. Bush
93 Circuit Judge Mary H. Murguia Phoenix, AZ 1960 2011–present — — Obama
94 Circuit Judge Morgan Christen Anchorage, AK 1961 2012–present — — Obama
95 Circuit Judge Jacqueline Nguyen Pasadena, CA 1965 2012–present — — Obama
96 Circuit Judge Paul J. Watford Pasadena, CA 1967 2012–present — — Obama
97 Circuit Judge Andrew D. Hurwitz Phoenix, AZ 1947 2012–present — — Obama
98 Circuit Judge John B. Owens San Diego, CA 1971 2014–present — — Obama
99 Circuit Judge Michelle Friedland San Jose, CA 1972 2014–present — — Obama
100 Circuit Judge Mark J. Bennett Honolulu, HI 1953 2018–present — — Trump
101 Circuit Judge Ryan D. Nelson Idaho Falls, ID 1973 2018–present — — Trump
102 Circuit Judge Eric D. Miller Seattle, WA 1975 2019–present — — Trump
103 Circuit Judge Bridget Shelton Bade Phoenix, AZ 1965 2019–present — — Trump
104 Circuit Judge Daniel P. Collins Pasadena, CA 1963 2019–present — — Trump
105 Circuit Judge Kenneth K. Lee San Diego, CA 1975 2019–present — — Trump
106 Circuit Judge Daniel Aaron Bress San Francisco, CA 1979 2019–present — — Trump
107 Circuit Judge Danielle J. Hunsaker Portland, OR 1977 2019–present — — Trump
108 Circuit Judge Patrick J. Bumatay San Diego, CA 1978 2019–present — — Trump
109 Circuit Judge Lawrence VanDyke Reno, NV 1972 2020–present — — Trump
38 Senior Circuit Judge Alfred Goodwin Pasadena, CA 1923 1971–1991 1988–1991 1991–present Nixon
39 Senior Circuit Judge John Clifford Wallace San Diego, CA 1928 1972–1996 1991–1996 1996–present Nixon
46 Senior Circuit Judge Mary M. Schroeder Phoenix, AZ 1940 1979–2011 2000–2007 2011–present Carter
48 Senior Circuit Judge Joseph Jerome Farris Seattle, WA 1930 1979–1995 — 1995–present Carter
53 Senior Circuit Judge Dorothy Wright Nelson Pasadena, CA 1928 1979–1995 — 1995–present Carter
54 Senior Circuit Judge William Canby Phoenix, AZ 1931 1980–1996 — 1996–present Carter
65 Senior Circuit Judge Diarmuid O’Scannlain Portland, OR 1937 1986–2016 — 2016–present Reagan
66 Senior Circuit Judge Edward Leavy Portland, OR 1929 1987–1997 — 1997–present Reagan
67 Senior Circuit Judge Stephen S. Trott Boise, ID 1939 1988–2004 — 2005–present Reagan
68 Senior Circuit Judge Ferdinand Fernandez Pasadena, CA 1937 1989–2002 — 2002–present G.H.W. Bush
71 Senior Circuit Judge Andrew Kleinfeld Fairbanks, AK 1945 1991–2010 — 2010–present G.H.W. Bush
72 Senior Circuit Judge Michael Daly Hawkins Phoenix, AZ 1945 1994–2010 — 2010–present Clinton
73 Senior Circuit Judge A. Wallace Tashima Pasadena, CA 1934 1996–2004 — 2004–present Clinton
75 Senior Circuit Judge Barry G. Silverman Phoenix, AZ 1951 1998–2016 — 2016–present Clinton
80 Senior Circuit Judge Raymond C. Fisher Pasadena, CA 1939 1999–2013 — 2013–present Clinton
84 Senior Circuit Judge Richard C. Tallman Coeur d’Alene, ID 1953 2000–2018 — 2018–present Clinton
86 Senior Circuit Judge Richard Clifton Honolulu, HI 1950 2002–2016 — 2016–present G.W. Bush
87 Senior Circuit Judge Jay Bybee Las Vegas, NV 1953 2003–2019 — 2019–present G.W. Bush
89 Senior Circuit Judge Carlos Bea San Francisco, CA 1934 2003–2019 — 2019–present G.W. Bush
92 Senior Circuit Judge N. Randy Smith Pocatello, ID 1949 2007–2018 — 2018–present G.W. Bush

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Remember couple years ago when we said once Trump learns how goverment works/play the game. :wink:

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Yep. Watch his 2nd term.

On man, it’s going to be real hoot.

At the same time cringe worthy too.


I think it’s funny how people think trump has anything to do with this. It’s all McConnell. It’s what he sees as his legacy

Actually, Trump did do one wise thing during his Presidency.

He delegated judicial selection to the Federalist Society.

For that, at least, I am thankful.