70,000 valid Native American IDs made invalid for voting, SCOTUS approves

Boozing, falling asleep, half dead Ginzburg ruled in your favor. Kavanaugh did not rule in this decision. Decision was 6-2 in favor of voter ID, including the rabid, right wingers Sotomayer and Breyer.

The OP didn’t correct it as your own quotes show. Quit pretending otherwise.

So now you’re back to making it all about race while claiming that was already corrected.


Less than 60% of the total of 34K Indians in the state even stand to possibly be affected negatively by the law. The rest are over 90% white.

Are the ID issued by the State or Federal government?

IF you don’t know the answer already telling you again isn’t going to help.

No need for snark…have a pudding and enjoy life…

Truly amazing coming from you.

Ruled in my favor? What favor was that? Can you cite where I have an opinion on the topic and which direction I wanted the SC to decide?

And it’s sad people think RBG is half-dead. Just because she looks frail, her mind is sharp and she exercises daily. I’d worry about Boozin Brett’s liver, it’s been abused for years and years. She might outlive him.

The graciousness of public officials’ hearts?

Did you really just say that?

No…when a law is under appeal, it’s not in effect. Has nothing to do with “graciousness”

Can you be any more sanctimonius?

Now the red man should be grateful that the white man let them vote.


They don’t have to get new IDs by November. Read the article.

Not always. When a court strikes a law down, or says it’s valid there is typical an order from the court that stays their order. Typically, but not always. It’s not an automatic thing that happens.

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Yep. It generally depends on how the judge thinks the final ruling is likely to be and whether more permanent harm will be done by enforcing the law or not enforcing the law. An injunction can be issued to stop enforcement if the judge believes the law will likely be eventually ruled against and if irreparable damage will result by enforcing the law.

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But 70,000 Native Americans is not even statewide, so that correction is still in error.

In total, there are 31,329 American Indians living in North Dakota, making up 4.9% of the total population. Almost sixty percent live on reservations

Brief article on preliminary injunctions, but correct and links to the latest Supreme Court case law regarding the requirements for preliminary injunctions.

No duh, but he was wrong in his correction also. The 70,000 is NOT statewide either.

The SCOTUS didn’t approve.

How were they magically going to get street addresses?

I don’t understand why they don’t have street addresses.

I live on a reservation. We ALL have street address. Even the casino. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Because they live in rural areas not served by local mail delivery.

Yes…there are still parts of the country where this is so.

Sweetie you are talking to someone who can barely get cell service at her house, 10 miles to the nearest anything (which isn’t much) and has no option but satellite internet.

I know all about rural.

Have you ever considered reading before responding?

The law could have been better written considering the rural nature of the state but the residents of the state had more than ample time to comply.

They could have provided alternatives that don’t require a street address or even something as simple as a notarized affidavit from the tribal or local gov’t as to their legal residency to satisfy the requirement.