6 months to January 20, 2021, who are you voting for United States Senator?

  • Republican(s)
  • Democrat(s)
  • I live in Georgia and am splitting my vote
  • No Senate election in my State this year
  • uncommitted

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Pretty self evident.

As I mentioned in the other thread, I now reside in North Carolina.

My choice is Republican Thom Tillis versus Democrat Cal Cunningham. I am leaning but not absolutely committed to Cal Cunningham. Part of it is Tillis himself being a ■■■■■■ bag, like his comment about Hispanics spreading COVID-19. Part of it is tactical in nature. If Biden wins, it will still be necessary to purge the toxicity from the Executive Branch, something that can only be effectively done with Democratic Senate control.

Frankly, I wish Richard Burr was the Senator up for election this year, it would be far easier to cast the vote against him, rather than Tillis. Burr is a ■■■■■■ bag to the core, Tillis just acts like one from time to time. And Cunningham is far from the worst the Democrats have to offer. He clearly hails from the moderate wing of the party and likely isn’t going to go for the worst of what will emanate from the House of Representatives.

This choice is NOT set in stone and I may still vote for Tillis. But right now I am leaning to Cunningham.

It’s a trick question, right? Kamala Harris will be replaced after she becomes vice-president, but her replacement will be appointed not elected. :grin:

Harris can be replaced by anyone riding a broomstick and wearing a pointed hat.