5 Monday Rallies all on one thread NOV 2 2020

  1. Final rally today. LIVE: President Trump Holds Make America Great Again Rally in Grand Rapids, MI 11/2/20
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Let me get this straight.

Last night ended at close to 1 AM and he is starting at 6:30 this AM?

That is impressive.



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The guy doesn’t want to end up in jail so soon. Desperation, my friend.


Biden will lie about anything.


That’s cute


Hilarious :joy: :joy: :joy:

and steriods. President 'roids is unstoppable!

It’s really rather un-humorous that his MO is as a plagiarist and panderer.

Is this one funny?

For decades, Joe Biden lied about the cause of the accident as he exploited the accident to promote his candidacy. He shamefully changed the details of the story, claiming the driver was drunk and responsible for the accident.

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Sometimes when senseless tragedy happens, the survivors desperately try to find a reason. As I understand it Biden admitted he was wrong and apologized. Being a feeling, empathetic human I understand we all fall short of the glory of God, but I also believe there is redemption for all who seek it and ask forgiveness.

Some people don’t think they sin, and never repent.

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Biden CAMPAIGNED on his “mistake.”

Not an empathetic act at all.

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Then Biden admitted he was wrong and apologized. I’m sorry you don’t understand what I posted to you. I don’t know how to make it more understandable.


It is swell he apologized. It does not undo his pattern of plagiarism and pandering.

His three main campaign points are all lies.

Trump did not kill any CV19 victims…he saved more with his quick actions. Biden plan is a point by point copy of what President Trump has done.

The suckers and losers lie has been thoroughly debunked…even by Bolton.

Biden will ruin the fracking industry and undo our energy independence by either intention or omission…either way he is going to break it.

Ruining the reputation of a truck driver for decades…who already felt horror at the accident…isn’t so easily repaired with an apology…I do acknowledge that EVENTUALLY Biden relented and owned up to his moral failing for this instance.

Did not even get to the corruption with China and Ukraine allegations…long list.

I honestly LOL’d at that one. Thanks for making the morning that much better.

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Let’s talk about Biden in a Trump thread.

Five rallies = 5 X the Covid exposures = 5 X the Trump lies = 5 x the chants = 5 X the chances that you’ll be left walking back to your car you parked miles away.


It’s Covipalooza Monday!

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Looks like the President is about to speak.’…Rally 1

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Watch Video 1 President will come out of the plane
Maybe in his Pajamas

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This is history