4q21 gdp is up 6.9%

But I heard the economy is in a shambles.

Low unemployment
Growing economy

Negative however is high inflation.

But hardly a shambles.


What happens when money is spent, injected into the economy, that wasn’t created through that same economy? So is this “good news” in the short run, actually bad news in the longer run? Is the net a positive or a negative?

Unsure how 5.7% growth in the GDP in the Year 2021, can be spun as a negative?

But keep trying.

It’s a feather in the POTUS cap.

Low unemployment and a growing economy.

Thanks president biden.


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Stop looking down and look out up ahead…the outcomes vary based on what initiated the spending.

Well their is this.

Embedded in the report was also yet another sign of soaring inflation, with widespread supply shortages and elevated consumer demand pushing up prices.

How much of that inflation driving up GDP?

Best rate of growth since 1984

Here I’ll answer it for you Conan.

Over time, the growth in GDP causes inflation. Inflation, if left unchecked, runs the risk of morphing into hyperinflation. … This causes further increases in GDP in the short term, bringing about further price increases. Also, the effects of inflation are not linear.

Schools over…


This news is death to the GOP. A couple good quarters if growth, and the GOP narrative collapses. That leaves to run on culture war and grievance.

Roar on, twenties. :rofl:


Imagine the crowing here if a republican was president…

A more sober look is that this is a huge bounce back from the massive cratering of the economy during covid and that it comes with its own issues- inflation and supply-chain issues. But high GDP and rock bottom unemployment is a good thing no matter how you look at it. And yes- if conservatives were yelling to the moon about the “best economy ever” before covid, it seems silly and uber-hyperpartisan for them to say its bad now.

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I’ve been telling folks this for a while now, the only thing keeping a “lid” on this economy and even global economy is Covid as it becomes endemic it will continue to get stronger.

The service industry, along with the supply chain are still not fully back online as they continue to heal the economy will continue to grow if not boom.

The fed has taken an aggressive stance against inflation, yesterday Powel all but confirmed the first rate hike is around the corner and the buying of bonds has stopped.

Last I checked we are still around four million jobs short of where we were pre covid.


The labor shortage has been around pre-Covid, by the same token it’s a great time to find a job or change careers as companies are paying a premium for labor.

Let me guess- to you the 6.9 % GDP and rock bottom unemployment is bad or somehow not real, or something something.

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Along with the fastest growth since Reagan…

That high inflation is already wiping out wage gains, and it’s going to lead to interest rates being turned to ‘broil’ to get rid of it.

Even with that, 6.9% gdp growth is excellent…enjoy it while you can.

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Wages aren’t keeping up with inflation. We’ll see how it goes once the fed starts raising rates and the commercial real estate bomb goes off.

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Something something.

Inflation is going to to drop count on it, with the supply chain disruption ending along with feds tightening it will drop.

Feds are already charting a course to raise interest rates…seems your rosy scenario is a bit too optimistic?