44 states file suit against big pharma, alleging price fixing

I hope the suit doesn’t get settled. Seen more than a few instances of overnight dramatic increases in prices, so it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it’s co-ordinated.

I work in the industry.

What happens in the generics sector, after drugs go off patent, is one of the least attractive elements of our industry.

Many of the other bad practices have already been drummed out of the industry by previous regulations.

Yes- I said it- regulations- because companies will do anything within the scope allowed by law to maximize profits- even claiming value add to the customer where no such value add exists.

The point of a corporation is to maximize profits even at the expense of everything else. That’s the ONLY reason they exist.

It’s high time to get off this deregulation train. I was on it for a long, but in my entire life, I have never seen it benefit anyone but the corporate board members.

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Heck. I used to be a Ayn Rand objectivist Libertarian type before I understood how the world really worked.

Me too.

Looking at real world situations objectively and being honest with yourself will lead you to unexpected places.

$$ >> Life