3 Term Presidents?

Had it not been for the 22nd amendment, which presidents would have served 3 terms?

My guesses:
Reagan - if he had wanted to. I think his mind was already in trouble at the end of his second term.

What do you think?

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That looks about right. I remember in 1988 there was talk of Bush, Sr. running and picking Reagan as his VP. Then immediately resigning after winning.

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Also, if 1972 was any indication, I’d say Nixon would’ve had a good shot at a third term as well.

Nixon would have been impeached and removed from office in 1974, if he hadn’t resigned. I don’t think he could have been elected in 1976.

In the current case, the Presidential Harassments for the first term, has never been worse. It has been ridiculous and a new low for American history.

A court should allow a redo of the first term

I agree. The press and liberals hated Nixon because of the Alger Hiss case, but it was nothing compared to what Trump has been subjected to.

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So you agree that Trump has been the most persecuted president in history? You don’t think he’s just a whiny crybaby who excels Obama’s whiny crybabyness by a factor of 100?

They would all be pressured to stay by the people in their cabinets wanting to keep their jobs.

I’ve felt this way before President Trump (my he be a one term President).
IMHO the Presidency should be limited a single term of 6 years elected on an odd number year when there is no House or Senate seat on the ballot.

Or a 4 year term and they can’t run for reelection, they have to sit out one term and then can run again for a term starting no sooner than 4-years after they election they originally won.

The idea that a President starts running for reelection during his/her first term I disagree with.

I kinda like how Virginia elects governors. You can have as many terms as you like, but none can be consecutive.

And they must have at least one incident of blackface in their past in order to qualify.

The Constitutional Convention had decided the presidency would be a single 7 year term.
The final night before the Convention adjourned, the drafters changed the 7 year term to re electable 4 year terms. The next day the change was discovered but the convention decided to keep the 4 year term. It was hot, the windows were all closed and the delegates were ready to go home. They didn’t want any further delays.

It’s difficult to imagine what the presidential succession would look like had the 7 year term have been insisted on- maybe not much different or maybe a lot different.

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Sorry, I should’ve said had the whole Watergate thing never happened.

Not sure if you’re serious…lol

You are exactly right.
If Watergate had never happened, and no 22nd amendment, Nixon could have served multiple terms and would have been one of the most popular presidents ever.

If Bloomberg wins he will serve three terms LMAO

What do I think? I think we should have three term maximum congressional representatives and 2 term senators.