2nd Amendment Subforum

GW was kind enough to create this to have a place to discuss the 2nd Amendment, laws pertaining to arms and violations of same.

Let’s please not make him regret his decision.

I may move it to its own forum. I wanted to see if it interfered with the politics forum and it does. I have some cyphering to do…

The top forum heading would be
Outside the beltway
General discussion
Second amendment
Additional subjects…

I’m not looking to bury it, but where the issue comes in is when people hit the politics forum and see wall to wall shooting/second amendment threads and no other politics.

Or I may see if I can add a WP subforum to politics and migrate current threads there…:thinking:

Obviously I’d like to see it as close to the top as possible. I understand the issue. All I ask is do the best you can. We’ll make it work.

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I may have fixed it by limiting the number of topics that show up from this subforum to the main politics forum to two. We’ll see.

Thank you GW.

Please, just don’t lump it in with crime of any sort. Crime is the abuse of rights it is not the expression of rights.

Defamation is not first Amendment expression and murder is not the expression of 2nd Amendment rights either.

Your objections have been noted.

Sounds like a good way to bury one of the most important political issues to conservatives.

I think it is good to isolate that topic. Smart choice.