2nd Amendment Doesn't Apply on the Hill


Will the myth never die?

I often cc that one, except it’s the snub nose model.

People carry on the capitol grounds, even in the legislative chambers in Texas, how many problems has it caused?

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I didn’t know that about Texas. You need a license though right?

For the time being, but we’re still working on Constitutional Carry. Our turncoat SOTH made sure he put an anti gun democrat in charge of the committee where the bill had to originate last session guaranteeing it would never come to the floor.

Can all the posters against this, carry firearms at their jobs? We aren’t allowed any kind of firearms at all on company property where I work.

I don’t live in TX. I’m not used to seeing people carry guns everywhere. I’m not against people carrying guns for protection even at the capitol(or many places). However, how does LE at Capitol and other govt buildings feel about this?

What difference does that make?

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If everyone is armed, LE can’t tell who’s the good guy or bad guy. People are angry at politicians ALL the time for many reasons. LE protecting the buildings will be difficult but I supposed that’s their job.

Our rights are not subject to the whims of their feelings.

I have interacted with Capitol Police on quite a few occasions, zero problems.

You have to pretty much go out of your way being an ass to get on their bad side. Our permitting process is such that they know if you are legally carrying odds are they’ll never have to worry about you doing somethingw with it requiring their intervention.

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Sure they can, you know it by observing their actions and demeanor. If someone is going to do something bad in virtually every instance they will telegraph their intentions.

Oh ok, that makes a lot of sense.

Like I said before, I don’t know how this works. I never live where everyone carry. My thought was that it will be easier for bad guy to blend in to do their dirty deeds.

Everyone doesn’t carry anywhere.

Hence, concealed carry.

Bad guys don’t concern themselves with permits to carry a gun. And if they and the good guys are both carrying, they can’t tell which of the good guys may be carrying. That’s why street crime tends to go down in places where concealed carry is common … there are a lot of bad guys who don’t want to chance victimizing someone who may shoot them.

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Thus, the term, “libs”.

Boebert won her congressional seat by getting on the bad side of the establishment GOP (to unseat the incumbent GOP guy who held the seat) and by running against COVID restaurant restrictions in the general election.

She owns a restaurant called Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colorado. Her waitresses wear pistols and she is a huge 2A advocate. She ran her primary by painting the incumbent as an establishment insider, and beat him in a huge upset (by 9 points.) And then she defied state requirements to stop serving sit-down meals, and even had her restaurant license suspended. She parlayed the publicity from that into her campaign. (So she definitely got on the bad side of the heavily lib state government here.

And enough voters were sick of the state’s ham-fisted regulations. They voted her into office. And now she’s there in the nation’s capitol, outspoken and defiant against establishment politics. I expect to hear a lot from her in the next two years. In some ways she’s the polar opposite of AOC, (though I doubt media will give her the attention they give AOC.) But what we’re seeing in the antics from House libs is a direct result of what Lauren Boebert represents. She hasn’t even been sworn in, and already they’re moving to thwart her.

If the libs succeed on this, you can expect she will parlay that action into a platform that even the lib media will not be able to ignore.

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We’re talking about the DPS Capitol Police, not politicians.

When you enter the building carrying you just move to the right and show them your LTC and you walk right on by.

You’d have to do something pretty stupid with a gun to get them excited.