2020 Platform Comparison

page 6.

We will give hate no safe harbor. We will never amplify or legitimize the voices of racism,
misogyny, anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim bigotry, or white supremacy. Democrats will protect and
promote the equal rights of all our citizens—women, LGBTQ+ people, religious minorities,
people with disabilities, Native Americans, and all who have been discriminated against in too
many ways and for too many generations. We commit ourselves to the vision articulated by
Frederick Douglass of “a Government founded upon justice, and recognizing the equal rights of


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Next. Healthcare (Notice no where on there it says removal of private insurace).

We must start by making COVID-19 testing widely available, convenient, and free to everyone.
We must also expand funding so state and local public health departments can hire sufficient
staff to conduct contact tracing for everyone who tests positive for the novel coronavirus. Only
through widespread, regular testing and tracing can we hope to understand the scope of the
pandemic and contain it.
In a public health crisis, we all have to rely on each other. That’s why Democrats support making
COVID-19 testing, treatment, and any eventual vaccines free to everyone, regardless of their
wealth, insurance coverage, or immigration status. We are all only as safe from this disease as
are the most vulnerable among us.
It has always been a crisis that tens of millions of Americans have no or inadequate health
insurance—but in a pandemic, it’s catastrophic for public health. The current crisis would be
even worse without the Affordable Care Act in place. But in the COVID-19 pandemic,
Americans need even more help, which is why Democrats will take immediate action to preserve
and expand health insurance coverage. We will provide direct, increased support to states to
enroll eligible adults in Medicaid, have the federal government cover a higher percentage of the
bill, and add incentives for states which have not yet expanded Medicaid to do so.
For people who risk losing their insurance coverage if they lose their jobs in this pandemic and
in President Trump’s recession, Democrats believe the federal government should pick up 100
percent of the tab for COBRA insurance, which keeps people on their employer-sponsored plans,
without restrictions. We will re-open the Affordable Care Act marketplaces, even outside of the
normal open enrollment season, and expand subsidies to make it easier for people to buy health
coverage. Democrats will also make available on the marketplace a public option administered
through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) which includes a platinum-level
choice, with low fees and no deductibles. Low-income Americans will be automatically enrolled
in the public option at zero cost to them, though they may choose to opt out at any time.


Who’s next?

While we wait, a little light reading:

The number of convention delegates who voted no is roughly the same as the number of delegates pledged to progressive Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Uh oh…

Nobody governs by way of a party platform.
Pay attention to what the leaders are saying, or better yet pay attention to what they have been doing.

And as for capability of the leader, judge whether he has to have his speech taped for editing before release.

Of course the GOP is asking me to vote for them! I’m an american, and they need votes. And I have voted R before.

So what do you think about a party that can’t even figure out how to put a new platform together?

Riots and redistribution


I like this part.

For the past 8 years America has been led in the

wrong direction.
Our economy has become unnecessarily weak

with stagnant wages. People living paycheck to paycheck are struggling, sacrificing, and suffering.

Americans have earned and deserve a strong and healthy economy.

Our standing in world affairs has declined significantly — our enemies no longer fear us and our friends no long trust us.

People want and expect an America that is the most powerful and respected country on the face of the earth.

The men and women of our military remain the world’s best. The have been shortchanged in numbers, equipment, and benefits by a Commander in Chief who treats the Armed Forces and our veterans as a necessary inconvenience.

I don’t see anything about Covid. Did I miss it?

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You might want to look at Trump’s achievements.

Why would they have anything about Chi-NA virus?

We have to leave the "R"s.

Nanny state socialism
Higher taxes
Pie in the sky

What really makes me laugh is dems claiming they are going to create jobs.

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That is from the GOP platform.

they are calling out the weakness of our president and the falling of american standing in the world.

Directly from your link for their platform.

I know it is, from 2016. Calling out Obama and the guy you’re voting for this year.

48 years in DC and he’s going to…

@WuWei care to respond with the GOP equivalent or to discuss why there is none if that’s the case?

Already being done. All of it.

How is Biden going to pay for a public option?

The 2016 platform is the 202 platform.

Therefor, those lines apply to TODAY.

Why would they mention COVID? Well, because a majority go americas think it is a voting priory. Andit’s killed 175K americans.

They didn’t need your vote last time either. :wink:

Yes it is. A majority is voting on a virus? :rofl:

How do you feel about a party that can’t even write a new platform?

One that doesn’t need a new platform? I’m good.

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