2020 Election Fraud Thread (Part 2)

Trump lost turns out he was not as popular as Trumpers had conjured him to be in their heads…


Since when does that matter? Even declaring GA went to Trump wouldn’t change the result. They’re still going to die on that hill anyway. Not a cult.

Yes but you see, that’s just what those covering up all that fraud would say. :wink:

Its almost like there was a conspiracy.

Trump is either doing or has done this to every other battleground state SOS.

I don’t doubt that and it will probably come out. I don’t see anyone pursuing this bringing that up…yet.

The only reason the call between Trump and the GA SoS was recorded was because they learned their lesson after Lindsay Graham tried to get them to circumvent the will of the people earlier by tossing legally cast votes.

Honestly, I don’t know why this is the least bit surprising. We saw this same exact behavior when Trump was trying to get Ukraine to dig up dirt on Biden and he was literally impeached for it.

It’s almost as if by refusing to actually conduct a trial in the Senate, like they should have, Republicans actually emboldened the soon to be ex-President to conduct similar behavior later on. Now who could have possibly seen that coming?

i now put election frauders in the same boat as birthers,moon landing hoaxers and 9/11 conspiracists and anti vaxers.


That’s true. I too would use that metaphor for our discussions.


Just wait, it will get worse. Ted Cruz is now telling people that treason and sedition aren’t really treason and sedition.


Nothing honest was going on there. That “lady” who was running the same ballots through over and over again was doing nothing honest either.

She should go to jail imo. Along with the 4 pulling all those trunks full of ballots after hours as well.

As long as nothing happens to people for doing such they will only increase such illegalities.

None of this happened the way you believe it happened.

None of that happened. Litteraly none of that happened

You’re just now putting them there?

The fraudsters roll first class on the SS TinFoil and occasionally get to steer the ship.

Not that can be shown. I see things like this as something that needs to be looked into to improve the process in the future. The chances of actually overturning enough electoral votes to alter the results of the election…not going to happen.

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Guys, they’re QAnon. Every one of these conspiracies came from QAnon. And Q turns boomer brains to day old tapioca pudding.

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And to think some were worried about defecit spending to give people COVID stimulus, but the Federal government should totes spend as much as they need to for something that’s totally moot. Makes sense.

Mueller team?

Nearly half the country has consistently expressed distrust of our elections and how they are conducted since 2000 and instead of making it better we make it worse in the after math of each succeeding election cycle.

Everyone knows there is a problem but the powers at be don’t want to seriously address it and do something about it, they just want it as a political wedge issue for both sides.