2020 Election Fraud Thread (Part 1)

But the mail in balloting law was unconstitutional…right?

So after failing to throw out PA’s results because the mail in law was unconstitutional, now they will try to get the results thrown out due to “illegal” changes to an “illegal” law?

You guys don’t even notice when your Fraud Narrative has absolutely zero internal logical consistency.

That’s why the Narrative Spinners don’t put in any effort.

They know the True Believers will believe anything…no matter how sloppy it is.

If they said giant green pandas from Mars changed the results…you’d believe it.

Awhile back Eugene Robinson wrote a column where he said that multiple times the Trump election committee lawyers were laughed out of court. Later that day he went on TV and said he needed to make a correction to what he had written. “The Judge’s were not amused.”

One good thing should come from all this noise; the Georgia Senate elections should be squeaky clean.

That you believe this shows just how out of touch you are with what the fly-over deplorables really think.


Just like the Georgia presidential was.


It’s tough to keep track of all the conspiracies with some folks.

Perhaps we can get a spreadsheet to make it easy:

  • Bill Gates da killa
  • 5g various
  • Election Fraudster
  • Birther
  • 9/11 Truther

It would be a helpful playbook to understand who believes in what here so we don’t screw it up and risk offense.


Well, even Newsmax is trying to distance itself from all these allegations about Dominion and election fraud now. They issued this strongly worded statement where they are distancing themselves from allegations of everything from Dominion and Smartmatic having a business relationship to Dominion being hired by Venezuela. Pretty funny stuff.

I guess all there is to say at this point is this:


Lt. Governor John Fetterman is still waiting for his million dollars in Sheetz gift cards for pointing this out to Lt. Gov Dan Patrick.

Don’t believe Patrick has paid up yet.

I think this has been answered well enough.


When you carefully observe what Trump’s lawyers say in court v what they say on the public airwaves, that ought to scream out to anyone capable of objective thought that the Fake Fraud Narrative is precisely that…the Fake Fraud Narrative.

Because they know they’d get in trouble if they claimed in the courts what they proclaim to the sheeple in public.

It was all fun and games until a lawsuit was filed.

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They are being threatened with lawsuits.

Every company who broadcast the suspicions about Dominion are being threatened.

Interesting how adamant Dominion is about shutting down information. It’s almost as though they are afraid of what we might learn. I mean… according to libs … the accusations are just a daily laugh, a “git outta here” from every court in the country, a conspiracy theory by foil hatters.
And yet… they are nervous… apparently.


Dominion is like any other business.

Conspiracy falsehoods are bad for business.


And it didn’t take long for what I predicted to come true.

With the Trump lawsuits, Trump is simply “following all legal avenues available to him”.

But Dominion and Smartmatic? No…they’re not using lawsuits to pursue their legal options to prevent defamation. Nooo…they have much more nefarious reasons.

Doublethink and you’re not even aware of it.

And I called that this would happen several posts ago…because of your unspoken a priori assumption that Trump and his supporters are telling the truth and Dominion and Smartmatic are lying.


Of course they are being threatened with lawsuits. When a person or organization (such as Newsmax) presents fake information that slanders a business, that business is going to sue them if it affects their revenue. Newsmax has people believing there was actual massive fraud going on , and that Dominion took part in that “massive fraud.” Thus, they are likely going to be sued. This tactic may limit their liability for the damage they have done to Dominion’s bottom line, but we shall see.

I’m glad places like Newsmax are being held accountable for the big hoax.

Funny. When Goya was accused of being in cahoots with Trump, all that happened was more people bought the products.

You think maybe people don’t like the idea of machines that cheat though? You think the public isn’t saying hardyharhar to the accusations like you© all do? Hmmmm.

You find it strange that a company in the election business is concerned their reputation for honesty being slandered?


I guess when you are deep enough into the conspiracy vortex, everything can be twisted to fit the story line.


It just proves that money talks … even if their journalists are not allowed to.


The company is against conspiracy theories.

Did you my company is against the 5G nut logs.

Disinformation hurts companies.


It would seem to me that education and more openness would be the right response… not lawsuits.
5G… Dominion… etc.