2020 Election Fraud Thread (Part 1)

I’m sure the Biden Administration has plenty of bald faced liars already, but stay by the phone, Conway.

You never know.


She had a unique way of spinning something while speaking to all of us like we were all idiots.
I am surprised that she didn’t join in with the other Trump Lawyers and cash in on the big election fraud bucks. That is considering that they get paid.

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Fake news grasping at straws as the Dem-Rino anti-Trump coalition’s illegal election practices are becoming obvious and litigation over them would be outcome determinative, meaning the SC would intimately take the cases.

" If you look at the vote totals in the Electoral College tally, it looks like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will prevail. I assume the electors will certify that and it will be official. We, as a nation, will move forward, because we always do,’ she added."

Personally, I suspect she is playing the press, shining a laser pointer to entertain the MSM cat while the people’s court cases plow inexorably forward to the SC, where Biden’s illegal-vote bubble will be popped and his numbers prove well short of Trump’s in all those swing states still under contention.

Her use of “if” and “I assume” and “it looks like” mean she’s flying a kite, not making her confession.

Maybe they are patriots, and are donating their time and skill for the sake of rescuing the nation from the imminent threat of an elite-headed form of socialist autocracy.

Now that is funny.


Then she’s even worse than I thought.


Her life has turned to ■■■■ because of her Trump connection.

It like a televangelist scam.

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It’s super boring.

But when you’re standing at the polls for hours on end passing out flyers you get even more bored (well, I do) and when you’re standing after the polls close waiting for the tapes to be posted, you get even more bored (well I do).

So you start asking questions of the people that do the vote counting.

Barr is the AG, that’s a fact Jack.

Why the GOP is cooperating with Trump in continuing this circus is a wonder. Yes, I realize why, it’s still pathetic.

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No pardons for her!

Your words
“While votes were being processed” are the problem here. We want to see the video from the other times as well… when you say votes were NOT being processed. Do you understand why? It is to ensure that indeed there were no votes being processed during those times.

Nothing close to how the Biden racketeering mostly ran virtually from his basement headquarters…

But you can’t claim an anomaly until the new process runs. If the new process meets expectations, then you have a new normal. It’s not called an anomaly

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One of the best, clearly. Since Trump wants to fire him and all… :laughing:

Of course I can. At any step of the process in which expectations are not met.

It’s only a new “normal” if I accept it as normal.

Is a postal worker dumping mail in a dumpster “a new normal”?

Is “finding” 55 ballots a month after the election in a 12 vote race a “new normal”?

No. They are anomalies. Deviations from expectations in a step of the process.

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Criminal Joe will never see the inside of the oval office ever again, bet on it .

Enjoy reality !