2020 Democratic Nomination Race: The July Edition

Yes, it’s early, but as promised, here’s my power rankings for the month of July. We’re a week away from the second Democratic debate.


  1. Joe Biden. No surprise here. He’s leading in both the national polls and virtually every single primary poll. Despite all the negativity, Biden is still easily the leader of the pack.

  2. Bernie Sanders. Same as last month. Per Democratic approved polls, he’s in 2nd place in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and in the national polls. I also give Sanders the #2 spot because he’s considered a “next-in-line” type of candidate.

  3. Kamala Harris. Close call between her and Warren, but she’s in 2nd place in Iowa and just barely edged Warren out in the national polls.

  4. Elizabeth Warren. Rankings 2-4 are really quite even. Warren is polling extremely strong and technically within the margin of error with Sanders and Harris.

  5. Pete Buttigieg. Lets just say it hasn’t been a good month for him. He’s slipped into single digits nationally and in the early states of Iowa, NH, and South Carolina.

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