2018 is looking up to be another Trump year

They aren’t going to gain any house seats.

It’s going to be tough for repugs to hold onto the house.

The senate providing they don’t screw it up should gain 4 to 5 seats. They need too. Because the math is in their favor and they won’t have this opportunity again to make a strong gains.

Actually its looking more like a toss up on whether they hold the House and that they will keep the Senate. Trump isn’t going anywhere until 2020 at the earliest. Republicans haven’t turned on him yet despite every completely idiotic thing he has said and done since he appeared on the scene and I can’t think of anything that Meuller can come up with that would do the trick.

None, but it beats losing the conservative majority on the SCOTUS for good.

Another mindless rant or two like the one he did on Fox & Friends and you will see his support start to really decline. Most smart Trump supporters are starting to figure out that this guy has mental problems. The recent predictions are about 40 seats lost in the house. Will Trump supporters admit that he will be responsible for the R’s loosing the house and possibly the senate?
I still maintain that Trump is dirty and these facts will soon be reveled. Film at eleven.

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You libs are thinking way to small again.

Such simpletons.

I’m going to laugh my ass off it Trump win nobel peace prize…something that he would have earned unlike Obama that was given to him for no otehr reason because he was a lib.

Yeah yeah yeah…you been blowing the same old stale smoke through your ass for two plus years now.

One would think libs would learn by now.

We shall see who has the last laugh. All good things take time. And Trump’s demise will be worth the wait.

Odds are he has little to do with korea…everyone wants him to not pull out of Iran and most likely will make it worse.
Wages are kinda up…economy is about the same from obama…tax cuts did ■■■■ to help and the gop is running away from those. You have the farm bill now as well that is going after snap.oil is going back up as well…
This isn’t what people signed up for and that’s reflected in the polls and elections.

Your Trump fluffing not withstanding

Well then it shouldn’t too hard to produce these records.

Lol what the ■■■■ are you talking about…the gop made so many gains from 2010 on…but they don’t have a ground game? How they do it then? Cheating? Voter suppression? Didn’t really think that one out…lol

Trump barely had a ground game…he played in certain spots and had help doing it.
From Stein to Russian hackers swaying voters with fake news. Comey and the email issue put him over the top…

You are really bad at this.

Are you talking to me now?

Or is this by accident?

The Senate could go either way…they shouldn’t gain anything…we could have enough seats flip that it remains the same.

I can ignore on this board yet…so to answer your question…it took a new board and for them to remove the ignore feature for me to talk to you again…

In this thread, Conan calls other people simpletons.

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Seems to me you invested lot of emotional time on me.

You don’t know a thing about me…or my philosophy.

Conan is just making a prediction. Be it with a tinge of self assurance. Let him (and all) members predict away.
Logged and duly noted.
Time will tell.

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Will learn the answer either way in November 2018.

You’re all being played. Same why you been played for last couple years.

I see what Trump is doing and it’s hilarious.

And he has gotten better at it. :wink:

Yes yes being played…more projection of what happened to you. Tax cuts they went knowwhere…a corrupt epa…,massive amounts of turn over…an activist scotus judge because you couldn’t actually win on policy…you had to steal it. China becoming more and more powerful because he won’t fill diplomatic seats abroad…a gutted state department that will cause massive amounts of blowback…russia becoming stronger because of it.

But I was played…poor conan…you aren’t paying attention to things…trolling liberals only goes so far these days…you had your shot and Trump is blowing it.

Oh and odds are he got lucky with the timing of korea…that mountain doesn’t collapse and we aren’t we we are.

Will see soon enough.

So tell me. What has Gorsuch rule that you consider activist?

This should be good.