2018 is looking up to be another Trump year

With his handling of North Korea, possibly Iran, our economy is thriving, wages going up, goverment dependency is going down.

Yep 2018 is going to be the year of Trump.

I bet you libs didn’t see thi coming did you?



Yup. Can’t wait till Bob Mueller kicks in with his findings. It’ll be the Year of the Trump Dump.

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Libs and their crazy conspiracy theories.

Still pinning all your hopes and dreams on Mueller.

Good luck.

I don’t really think that 2018 is going to be another Trump year. I think that during the mid-term elections, Democrats are going to take back the House, and Democrat Sinema is going to be elected Arizona’s next Senator from here.

What has been happening with Mount Mantop in North Korea may have been the main reason why they stopped their nuclear missile tests.


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It’s amazing that 2.3% GDP growth is considered to be a thriving economy now.

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I think these Trumpkins are living in a fantasy world and don’t understand that the majority of people feel like they are living in a nightmare they can’t wake up from. Everyone is just holding on until November.

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Majority don’t get to dictate now, do they?

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Yes they do.

You reek of desperation.


President Trump is certainly Making America Great Again!:us:

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It is looking more and more like a slaughter of Republicans across the board because of Trump. Then again, a fact-based world is optional for some on the right.

pretty sure that some libs are on the record saying Trump would be out before the end of 2017.


You had about half of em predicting Trump was going to be gone withing the first year…and half of them said 6 months.

And then we didn’t have a single lib that predicted Trump was going to win in Nov 2016.

If the republicans aren’t going after the working man vote comes this Nov…then they deserve to lose. They need to get their asses out there and go to job sites and talk to those people instead of rubbing elbows with elites.

It’s going to be a ground game…one that republicans never really learn how to play.

Trump showed em…but whether they have learn is the question.

You mean like the slaughter in 2016?

Where not only Trump is going to lose in landslide but take the house with him?

Silly lib…you haven’t learn a damn thing have you?

A fact-based world isn’t an option you get to reject.

You do know that Republicans lost seats in 2016 right?

So. You libs were predicting a slaughter under Trump.

Got your predictions bookmarked Conan and I know you will be a standup guy and admit if you were wrong , come midterms. Time will tell Amigo.

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How many seats in Congress do you think the Republicans will gain this year?

America was already Great.