2018 College Football Thread

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So much for the Florida State Seminoles 2018 season. Watching that game, it was quickly obvious the result was NOT because the Hokies were that good, but that the Seminoles were just that pathetically bad.

Not looking forward to November 10, when the Seminoles travel to South Bend, Indiana. Could get very ugly, very quick. :smile:

I think the Seminoles will limp their way to a bowl game, but not by much.

Florida State deservedly dropped out of the AP top 25.

Miami dropped from 8 to 22 after the LSU ass kicking.

LSU rises from 25 to 11.

Penn State drops from 10 to 13 after the Appalachian State scare.

Notre Dame rises from 12 to 8 after its impressive win.

Yeah, how 'bout them Hokies, baby!


Their next four games are patsies. Then they have Notre Dame stopping by on October 6. :smile:

Interesting day today.

The Gators lost to Kentucky for the first time since 1986, I believe.

Penn State is demolishing Pittsburgh after last weeks near embarrassment at Appalachian State.

Florida State is trailing Samford, which is an FCS team. Even if Florida State comes back and wins tonight, I am now doubtful they will make the post season.

Never imagined the day that Florida’s powerhouse teams would be UCF and USF. :smile:

Go Bucky. Final 4 this year.

Florida State decided to play football in the final four minutes of the game and ended up winning. But nothing at all for them to be happy about. By all rights they should have beaten Samford 35 to 0. Instead, they just barely outlasted them.

With a still shaky offensive line and a mediocre starting quarterback, it is going to be a long season for Florida State.

And the ugliness continues for Florida State. Syracuse wins 30 to 7, but the game wasn’t even that close. Between a pathetic offensive line and at best a second rate quarterback, the Seminoles could do nothing. And the Seminoles defense is nothing to write home about either.

People are already calling for Head Coach Willie Taggert’s head, but that is unlikely to happen this season, due to his rather generous severance package if he is fired. And it isn’t all Taggert’s fault, though clearly his coaching is suspect. But even Urban Meyer would be hard put to do anything with the piss poor talent at Florida State.

Better recruiting is needed FIRST. Unless Florida State gets some talent back on its team, all the coaching in the world won’t make any difference.

BTW, excellent game between Auburn and LSU today.

Kansas has a winning streak. The last time they beat back to back FBS teams, the democrats held the house.

A very interesting game today. Can Syracuse hold on and beat #3 Clemson. Currently Syracuse 23, Clemson 13.

Its now 23 to 20.

We’ll see which Sun Devil team shows up tonight. They’re playing the Beavers so they better pull off a win.

Clemson looks like they are going to win with a touchdown with 41 seconds left.

Do we have an epic upset for the ages developing tonight between Purdue and Ohio State???

Ohio State roughed the punter and Purdue promptly made them pay for it with a touchdown.

Ohio State scored but Purdue has just returned fire. 35 to 13 with 6:42 left in the 4th Quarter.

Ohio State is just turning to ****.

On the kickoff, Ohio State returner didn’t realize he needed to field the kickoff and Ohio State will have the ball literally just outside the goal line.

Never thought I would see Ohio State get whipped so thoroughly by Purdue. What a game.

I feel like Alabama just renders the rest of college football to second-rate melodrama.

They have to fall out of any playoff talk after this. You can’t get beat that bad by a lesser team and be in any playoff conversation. If they remain…then I can only say the births are predetermined…and preordained. Which I have always thought.