2 week since the blockades started no end in sight as the Canadian economy begin to feel the effect

Canada is growing more divided by the day as railroad blockades across the country enter their second week, halting transportation of good across the country.

The government is weary to send in RCMP in force due to the risk of escalated violence similar to that in the 1990’s during the Oka crisis.

but as the government seek dialog the Canadian public grows more and more divided and Aboriginal groups are feeling the sting.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today that while Canadians have been patient with protests that have blocked rail traffic in parts of the country, the situation is “unacceptable and untenable” and the barricades must come down.

“Everyone involved is worried,” Trudeau told reporters in Ottawa moments ago. “Canadians have been patient, our government has been patient. But it has been two weeks and the barricades need to come down now.”

Trudeau said that his government has engaged directly with Indigenous leaders and premiers with the aim of finding a “peaceful and lasting resolution” to the crisis.

“That focus does not change,” Trudeau said. "This is a complex issue and the situation we now find ourselves in is a delicate one. History has taught us how governments can make matters worse if they fail to exhaust all other possible avenues.

Cool, the Canadian economy is collapsing and the government is parallelized because of political correctness run amok.

Now we have an idea of what a Sanders’ presidency would look like in the US.


CJ, I’m a bit confused. Wasn’t there an approval process before putting this project into motion?

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How so?

A country that allows groups to shut down the transportation system as a form of protest is doomed to total chaos and economic collapse.

Similar things have happened here with protestors that blocked highways until police stepped in and made arrests:

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This is why Canada is our Hat.

It looks like some of the “protestors” may also be saboteurs, but Canadian officials are reluctant to admit it:

Here is what one website is saying in support of sabotage:

Rail sabotage works as both a tactic and a strategy, and so we’re calling for ongoing rail disruptions in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en people who are currently defending their unceded territory from industry and police invasion.

There is zero proof to back up this claim, fake news

It was approved by the BC government, with approval of the elected chief of the local first nation community.

the issue comes that elected chief only have authority over reservation land, not the greater unseeded land since elected chief are a requirement of the Indian act.

the issue is a small percent of the non elected chief disagree with the pipeline and are protesting it being built its very much an complex issue the tribe is very divided over it.

OPP has moved in to remove the largest blockade.

They should have use water hoses and attack dogs like they did on civil rights marchers.

Are you claiming that the website calling for rail sabotage is a false flag?

Where is the evidence for that assertion?