1st Amendment and Schools - Punishment for Off Campus Social Media

I’ve been waiting for something like this and maybe this is the one.

School authoritarianism over off campus activities is out of control. It wouldn’t surprise me for it to get worse with the increase in on line learning.

Remember the bb gun in the background?

Academia is out of control. They are trying to deconstruct society and create new norms. They will deem what is acceptable.

Straight out of critical theory, the sun source of which is also academia.

I hope this case or one like it ends up in SCOTUS.

Sure. Employers do it and it’s cool. Schools do it and suddenly, a line’s been crossed.


Academia is indeed out of control.

They need to be reined in and reminded of the 1st amendment.

School is not voluntary nor consensual.

Are schools receiving tax dollars?

Employment is a contract between an employee and employer during paid time. Where does an employee volunteer to be regulated by their employer during unpaid time and off the employer’s premises? This isn’t about the schools checking social media activity of the kids while in school either.

Are employers?

That depends on the contract you signed.

Those students are free to say whatever they want. They aren’t free from the repercussions of their speech. Whether the school can punish them for that speech is what is at question.

The repercussions of speech while not at school.

Sure. There are “on call” and remote employees. Neither of which I’m referring to. Obfuscation dismissed.

Schools are government in this context.

And that is the question at hand.

Schools are government is this context.

If employers are taking tax money they also have strings. I don’t see a difference.


What are your thoughts?

There is a huge difference. Schools are government.

I don’t really subscribe to the “strings theory”. That is a prog construct to justify a lot of really bad policy.

Public and Private are about ownership.

High schools are publically owned. If Harvard (private) wants to have a policy like this, they are free to do so despite being heavily subsidized unofficially. As a condition of attendance.

Public schools end at the property line.


Doesn’t make sense to me. Seems out of the school’s jurisdiction.


Indoctrination and control.

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I signed an agreement with my employer that what I do on my off hours can get me fired.