19 post limit absurd

I’m trying to answer a reply and stopped by a 19 post “new user” limit. Like I’m a new user.

since your a carry over from the other forum, I’ve bumped you up to level 2. You should be good. Just behvae :smiley:

Its still absurd, like telling a new customer “you can only have one burger, you’re new.”

Can I import my old post count? :grin:

Since you’re not paying for anything, that’s a bad analogy.

They don’t want newbies flooding the forum with bad stuff.

It prevents spammers from spamming until we can sniff them out and remove them. You’re welcome.


You’re welcome. :sunglasses:


Dang I’m gonna get ■■■■ for that one.

Why on Earth would you get ■■■■ for being able to edit something? :sunglasses:

Sweet Jesus, one more and I’m on a roll!

Afraid of the competition?

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I take it the other employees have been complaining around the water cooler

Quotas have to be met, doncha know.

Of course not. As evidenced, you’re here.

^This guy has an edit button. GET HIM.


Good to see you back mate.

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Good to see you around here too. It still feels nostalgic here in spite of the new face powder. :sunglasses: :dark_sunglasses:

Your reply reminded me of Brennan and Comey’s recent statements about spying on Trump’s campaign:

opened mouth only to insert foot.

And this board’s sucks, can’t edit a post!

The family brain cell’s shining moment of achievement.

And furthermore, control F doesn’t permit search of the page, oh no. That would be too convenient. Finding precise posts one remembers, posters…can’t have that.

No, a menu appears, you must pick from the useless irrelevant choices.

Hopefully, the geneticists will not grow a human-chicken brain from its dna.

Because that is the leftist plan, an AI spawned from human-chicken brains. It will cause Pelosi giggle fits among the elites.