18 U.S. Code § 2071

Plus it says forfeit “his” office. Nancy isn’t a “his”.


Trump should arrest her and throw her in a cell with Bolton.

I understand…only libs can destroy documents and evidences etc.


Do you also understand that you destroyed your own premise within the OP itself by showing that what she did does not violate the law?

filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any [court

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YES! PLEASE! Lock her up for this!

@conan, I hope your idea actually happens.


The same thing that happens to the President under the Presidential Records Act.

So this is no different than Trump deleting tweets?

Or tearing up Presidential papers only to have the guys at the National Archives who were tasked with taping them all back together fired when they mentioned to the press that this was happening.

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Time to start making examples out of these idiots!

Wait this is a real thing that happened?


It is hard to keep track of all of the silliness.

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I guess silliness is a term that makes me want to slit my wrists less than the “annihilation of the idea that the government has to follow the law.”

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I can only handle about two seconds of CNN or any of those other Russian collusion liars.

She couldn’t take all the good news… Meanwhile her state has a 16% increase in homelessness…

Nancy needs help. lol



Fake news, didn’t happen. If it did, so what? We need an investigation into who thought this was a crime.

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I sincerely hope the GOP runs with this. I will be waiting to watch the show with my popcorn in hand.

Ah yes, via Twitter trolls who are actually serious, or think they are.

Google on 18 US Code 2071 to witness a thread idea being generated. You can add your own sound effects like rusty, clanking gears to make it more fun.


i think the OP needs to read article 1 section 6

No the official copy would have been given to the record department.