14 More States To Begin the Early Voting Process Today, 9/19/20

This now makes 24 states in total.

The states beginning the early voting process today include Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Wyoming

For those keeping track

Mailed out ballots:

North Carolina -9/4
Kentucky - 9/14
Wisconsin - 9/17
Arkansas - 9/18
Minnesota - 9/18
South Dakota - 9/18
West Virginia - 9/18
Alabama - 9/19
Delaware - 9/19
Georgia - 9/19
Idaho - 9/19
Indiana - 9/19
Louisiana - 9/19
Michigan - 9/19
New Jersey - 9/19
Oklahoma - 9/19
Pennsylvania - 9/19
Rhode Island - 9/19
Tennessee - 9/19
Texas - 9/19
Vermont - 9/19
Virginia - 9/19
Wyoming - 9/19

Began in-person early voting:

Pennsylvania - 9-14
Minnesota - 9/18
South Dakota - 9/18
Virginia - 9/18
Wyoming - 9/18
Michigan - 9/19
New Jersey - 9/19
Vermont - 9/19

And these 24 states have begun this process without the benefit of having a single presidential debate beforehand.

It should be noted that President Trump requested multiple times to have the debate schedule moved up, but his opponent and the debate commission both declined to accommodate his requests.

Kudos to these states for providing plenty of time for people to vote. I, for one, do not need debates to mark my ballot. I already know who I want to vote for.

For those who think they need to watch the debates in order to make their decision, they are certainly free to do so. No one is forcing them to vote now. We’re (people of voting age) all big boys and girls who have the capacity to make big boy and big girl decisions.


let the shenanigans begin

The President is free to hold as many town halls as he likes and take his message directly to the people.

I encourage it.

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So now voting early is “shenanigans”?

Why? This is in person voting which is supposed to be the best way…right?

It should be again stated out that just because early voting exists does not mean people have to avail themselves of it.

People who think the debates might change their mind are free to wait until the debates before they vote.

Tell me…will the debates change your mind?


So you need a debate to make up your mind on who to vote.

If people are undecided they can wait for the debates. Its not ■■■■■■■ rocket science.


Have you been this concerned about early voting all the other years?

Obviously, you shouldn’t vote till after the debates are over since they matter to you and you appear to be undecided.

What percentage of Americans do you think watch the debates?


there are mail ins too

lol naturally

Again, no one is forcing anyone to vote before the debates. If you still need the debates to help you decide who to vote for, by all means watch the debates and vote afterwards. You have the entire window from the time voting opens until the polls close on November 3.

Got my ballot and mailed it back today. Woot! I love voting.


Florida Uniformed Voter and Overseas Voter ballots went out yesterday.

Regular absentee ballots go out by October 1.

Still zero evidence that these will lead to “shenanigans” but you just keep being you.


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yeah hahaha…

like i said a couple days ago, i’ll just keep reposting these every time you pretend i didnt post it

Got anything more recent than something from 2012?

got any reason it’d be any better?

Good point.
Nothing ever gets better over time.

not in these matters. esp when 100 million ballots /requests are getting mailed

anyone who values our voting system should be concerned.