10th richest congressman dips into the small buisiness bailout cash

roger williams congressman from texas.
worth over 25 million.
takes money meant for small business

Seriously. ■■■■ people like this guy.

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Does he have fewer than 500 Employees?

Yeah I’m not really seeing the issue here. He’s eligible, he applies, he gets it.

Hell, the LA Lakers applied for and got a loan. And they’re worth billions.


This is a head scratcher for me.

With what the guy must pay in Taxes each year I have no problem with him getting some of it back since it will be going directly to keep his employees on the payroll for the duration.

If he doesn’t use it all for payroll it never converts to a grant and he has to pay it back as a loan plus interest so what’s the issue?

And they repaid it once they found out the funds had been depleted.

“The Lakers qualified for and received a loan under the Payroll Protection Program,” a Lakers spokesperson wrote in a statement emailed to CNN Business. “However, once we found out the funds from the program had been depleted, we repaid the loan so that financial support would be directed to those most in need. The Lakers remain completely committed to supporting both our employees and our community.”

Damned decent of them.

Going forward, the PPP will be questioned as to whether or not, it was an over reaction to a potential problem that may never have matured into the problem the program was attempting to circumvent?

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You spelled “Once they started getting grief about taking the money” wrong.

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Well that’s not very clever.

If you mean that horse ■■■■ statement by the Lakers PR guy, you would be correct.

Who caught them? They gave it back voluntarily

Uh huh…

Post your evidence…

Grifters gonna grift.

Actually it is.