100 things wrong with America in 2015

I write this in 2015
I thought it would be interesting to review the list and see where we made progress under Trump.

And look into why we have not made progess in some areas.
know why. The Democrats try to block all fixes on everything.


I wrote this list in the summer of 2015 after Trump announced he was running.

Most items on this list are being fixed big time under Trump.
Trump is working on the entire list.

Trump has made great progress working to fix the problems.

100 Things wrong with America

  1. National debt 19 trillion, going to 21
  2. Unbalanced budget
  3. Massive illegal immigration
  4. Social services stressed to point of collapse
  5. Social Security Trust Fund empty
  6. Medicare on the ropes
  7. Obamacare insurance way too expensive-no competition
  8. High income taxes of middle and working class
  9. High corporate taxes
  10. High business taxes
  11. 20-40 percent adults do not work
  12. Trillion dollar a year trade deficit
  13. Infrastructure crumbling
  14. Airports worse than 3rd world Nations
  15. Corporations leaving the US
  16. Factories leaving the US
  17. Foreign currency manipulation
  18. Common core education makes no sense
  19. Added 5 million college grads but only 200,000 low pay jobs
  20. Lead in homes in poor communities
  21. No parts for military planes and ships
  22. Industry dismantled
  23. Steel mills closed and ones opened are extremely old
  24. Coal industry dismantled
  25. Majority of people without even 1000 dollars for emergency
  26. Drugs, heroin, and cocaine flooding Nation
  27. Open border with Mexico
  28. Sanctuary cities
  29. Middle east falling apart
  30. US policy caused massive Muslim migration to Europe
  31. ISIS
  32. Veterans committing suicide everyday
  33. VA does not function
  34. Over regulated to the point of strangling us
  35. Tax code so complicated people do not know how to fill it out
  36. Tunnels for car, bus, and rail systems need to be replaced
  37. Terror attacks in US and mass shootings
  38. Impossible to buy into middle class in many States
  39. Government is dysfunctional and wastes time and money
  40. Riots and protests in the streets
  41. Russia and China buzzing our ships and planes
  42. USA not respected
  43. Secretive Government
  44. Lying and biased cable news media (over the wire)
  45. People gave up looking for work
  46. Stagnant wages
  47. Unresponsive Elected Officials
  48. Unfair Municipal Courts
  49. Bad vetting people from Middle East
  50. Saudi Arabia threatens us
  51. We pay rent to defend Nations
  52. NATO members do not pay required fees
  53. NATO obsolete
  54. Government appointments based on donors, not ability
  55. Obamacare high % of budget, covers 20% of the population
  56. Largest prisoner population in the world
  57. Nukes in silos from the 1950’s no one knows if they work
  58. Government cares only what donors and special interests want
  59. IRS destroying E-mails to hide crimes
  60. Secretary of State destroying E-mails to hide crimes
  61. Caved into Iran
  62. Secret service that lives to party, gets hookers, and drive drunk
  63. Non official cover CIA penetrating White House State Dinner
  64. Media and Government trying to divide the US based on Race
  65. Military bases closing everywhere and being sold off
  66. Gangs in cities, with guns, selling drugs
  67. Government refusing to enforce Federal Laws
  68. Illegal immigrants working in sweat shops in NYC, getting no pay
  69. Human trafficking and prostitution destroying women’s lives
  70. Planned parenthood talking about babies as spare parts for a car
  71. Media tells us nothings wrong
  72. Congress 8 percent approval rating
  73. People rely on inheritances to buy into middle class
  74. An electrical grid from Thomas Edison times
  75. Fresh drinking water in jeopardy in areas of the Nation
  76. Failing education and school districts, low graduation rates
  77. Technical jobs filled by immigrants instead of Americans
  78. 200 trillion dollars in unfunded liability
  79. Owe China 1.4 trillion
  80. Deforestation, loss of some National Pinelands
  81. Massive auto recalls over past 6 years
  82. Congressional Districts where incumbent can never lose
  83. Lack of pride in America among our population
  84. Mismanagement of Federal Government
  85. Insurance defrauding public in Hurricane Sandy
  86. Massive waste in throw away society
  87. Train derailments at high rate, both passenger and cargo
  88. Poor conditions and care in nursing homes
  89. Hospitals charging 600 dollars for a paper cup
  90. Doctors not accepting medicaid / family care
  91. Dwindling Middle Class as a percent of population
  92. Massive hopelessness in Nation
  93. Lack of housing construction jobs
  94. High State debt, unfunded pensions
  95. Over costs and overtime on Government projects
  96. Lack of qualified military pilots for fighter and attack planes
  97. Massive security breaches in Federal Government
  98. Borrow money from China and donate it back to China as aid
  99. Federal budget is 80 percent social programs and debt
  100. Federal Government created the problems and refuse to work on solutions


With #1 - The National debt is now over $22.5 trillion. The National debt has increased over $2.5 trillion under Trump’s Presidency.

With #9 - The main reason why the labor participation rate dropped during most of Obama’s Presidency was due to baby boomers retiring. The Unemployment rate under Obama’s Presidency ended up dropping from 7.8% down to 4.7%.

all the over run is due to democrat government

Virtually none.


i have heard experts from think tanks say it is because of democrat policies
and i agree with it
just look at california
places like detroit anfd baltimore
churning out populations dependent on government