10 Worst Christmas Songs of All Time

Granted, the listing is just one person’s opinion, but he’s not far off IMHO.

So let’s hear it people…

What do you consider some of the worst Christmas songs of all time??

With the disclaimer that I ******* hate Christmas music. :smile:

I can’t disagree with any on his list.

There are so many versions of classic tunes and generally the newer versions are worse than the classic versions.

I can tolerate the Bing Crosby version of White Christmas and I can deal with a few others in very small doses. But I try to tune out Christmas music as much as possible.

The Kinks : Father Christmas is a great tune
Fear (Old Punk Band) does a song called : ■■■■ Christmas. that is also a nice one

What are you? A Communist? Hate Christmas music?

Shame on you!!! :rofl:

I can totally understand your position though. :hugs:

Any version of The Christmas Shoes.

The melody is terrible, the lyrics awful, and to top it off, the plot of the song is utterly horrifying.

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So I should consider myself lucky for never having heard it?

I’m gonna take your word for it and avoid it at all costs. :blush:

I have been fortunate never to hear that particular John Denver song. I do like his music, but I have heard in the past that song is not good and I have never listened to it, nor do I plan to. Even the best musicians and bands lay an egg from time to time.

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“Last Christmas”.

It’s about as counter-Christmas as a song could be:

"Last Christmas I did you. But then the next day you did someone else. So this Christmas, to make me feel good, I’ll do someone even better than you.

PS: Merry Christmas!"

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That awful Chipmunks song has got to be in the top 10.

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“Jingle Bell Rock.”

Christmas with the devil - Spinal Tap

All of them. Each and every single one. I hate Christmas music and I get so sick of it taking over my radio stations and songpop game (a mobile phone game I play) every year.

I’m cynical enough to like Tom Lehrer’s Christmas Carol.

Here comes Peter Cottontail

GG Allin - The Twelve Days of Christmas :joy::joy::joy: