Zinke steps down

We dont know if he was fired or resigned but who cares…another ethics violator from the most god given administration ever…

I believe a thread was started here on this.

But I do agree. Good riddance to another corrupt, self-dealing scumbag. Next up needs to be Wilbur Ross. He may be the dirtiest of them all not named Trump or Kushner.

Congratulations to the new Secretary of the Interior, Mick Mulvaney!


By the way, everyone wanted to be Secretary of the Interior, but Mick will do a good job!

Just before the democrats take over the house, what a coincidence.

Scott Walker on the short list. Oy…………….

Good if you do not like natural parks.

Ryan Zinke was a good man. Anyone who can ride a horse is ok by me.

I thought Trump didn’t like losers?

Oh wait. I guess he’s just scraping the bottom of the gutter now.

It’s starting to make sense now


All he wanted was a damn xmas party!

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Ryan Zinke will leave the government after two years of service. Ryan has made great achievements during his work. When he appeared on the first day of riding a horse, it showed that he was one of those people who did such things. I like him, I just do it. His ethical investigation into the ongoing pursuit of personal asset management transactions reminds me of someone, so this is a good thing.

He is said to have hired a military plane, participated in fund-raising events for Republicans in the Virgin Islands, and narrowed the boundaries of the Utah State Monument to help local Republican officials, but I asked if this was technically illegal. Even if it was, it does not matter much.

Finally, an organization led by his wife Zinke and Chairman Halliburton participated in the land deal in Zinke hometown, Whitefish, Montana, this is fake news.

Mary Kendall, acting inspector general at Interior, launched an investigation to find out whether Zinke was involved in the deal, whether the taxpayer had development resources and blocked Zinke from two Connecticut Indian tribes. The offer expands casinos due to political pressure and lobbying at MGM Resort. I will not listen to anything she said. She is a hater. I want to thank Zinke for serving our country. The Trump administration will announce a new interior minister next week.