Zelensky sparks outrage in Greece

Zelensky recently sparked outrage in Greece when he brought an Azov fighter with him to address the parliament. Here is what the leader of the opposition party had to say:

“The speech of members of the neo-Nazi Order Azov in the Greek Parliament is a provocation.
The absolute responsibility lies with the Prime Minister.
He talked about a historic day but it is a historical shame.
Solidarity with the Ukrainian people is given.
But the Nazis can not have a say in Parliament.”

If Azov has “no influence in Ukraine”, then why are they present on Zelensky’s international travel?

How long would Zelensky survive if he signed a cease fire without approval from Azov and its allies?

Now wait a minute…lemme eat this from the MSM so I know how to regurgibleat this liberally. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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They are present because they are fighting in Mariupol. You knew that that though.

They may be neo-Nazis, but their veins don’t bulge so they are fine.


That’s pretty thin for neo-NAZIs

Chik-a-boom, chik-a-boom :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Probably true,
but these days the left calls anything and anyone who disagrees with them a neo nazi, so let’s wait and see.

AntiFa calls Starbucks a neo nazi organiztion and burns a Starbucks and every Asian restaurant near a starbuck.

An obscure website calls some guy a neonazi. Should I blindly trust both of them?

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They are a lot more than just neonazis. They are organized. Well funded by the government and are now a good reason for Russians to claim that they are “denazifing” that part of Ukraine.

They are also a good tool for rationalization which is why the op keeps hammering the point.


Yes, they are a prime target of Putin’s de-Nazification campaign. Reports are that Azov has been preventing civilians from leaving Mariupol and using them as human shields.

Are these good things?

In late February, with Russian forces besieging Mariupol, in which 120,000+ ethnic Greeks live in and its surrounding villages including Sartana, SKAI news spoke with Mr Kiouranas who lives in the city and described the Ukrainian “fascists.”

When asked by SKAI news if he planned to leave the city, Kiouranas responded “how can I leave? When you try to leave you run the risk of running into a patrol of the Ukrainian fascists, the Azov Battalion.”

The WOLF cries have diminished the shock value and I would have to call the Putin troops more Nazi-esque than the AZOF branch.

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There is no campaign to denazifi Ukraine. None.

Saving graces?

Russians aren’t trying to kill members of this group?

Ha! :grin:

Azov leader / Ukraine army major Denys Prookopenko speaking from Mariupol:

A group not the group.

Ok and?

Destroying Azov neo-Nazi is a prime target of Putin’s de-Nazification program.

Meanwhile Azov and its allies are the enforcers to make sure that a cease fire is impossible.

There are reports that Azov has adopted Soviet-style attacks on Ukrainian troops who attempt to surrender:

. . .the Ukrainian forces kind of wanted to give up, SMS messages come that say that ‘you can give up and nothing will happen to you’. So, they want to surrender, and Azov starts shooting at them. And they [Ukrainian forces and Azov] are at war with each other.
Ukrainian forces want to surrender and Azov forces started shooting at them – they are at war with each other | MR Online

They’re trying to kill anyone fighting against them, and some that aren’t fighting at all. Would they not still be trying to kill them if they weren’t Neo Nazis?

No you are confusing rationalization and claims and actual targeting. There is zero evidence that this has anything to do with Azov batallion