Yuge Silver Lining for the US Economy?

I’ll have to remember this when the tea party twats come out from their crevasses to call for spending cuts.

Cutting spending can be myopic.

Then debt doesn’t matter

Without debt virtuously none of us can prosper. Of course their are limits. Okay to increase debt if your personal income increase. Challenge is, how does one increase income? Same applies on much grander scales ( corporate, governmental). Rising tide raises all boats. JFK

Without debt, a centralized fractional reserve monetary and banking system cannot function. The system thrives off of both government and private debt and without such debt cannot function.

Those of you that went to college remember the credit card offers, even though most of you didn’t have a ******* job. The system wants you in debt and NEEDS you in debt from your earliest entry into the market and wants you to be in debt for your whole life. It NEEDS the government to be in debt and thrives on government debt.

However, I believe there is an event horizon that not even a centralized fractional reserve monetary and banking system can push beyond.

A point a which both the government and society is so saturated with debt that they cannot take on any more. At that point, which we may be starting to approach, the whole system will disintegrate catastrophically.

“Plus- we could use the infrastructure investment and try to bring critical manufacturing back here.”

Of all things if there’s any one positive that comes from this hell is that what you posted I hope is Uno number one. And I would love to see this at a purely bipartisan level we should demand they do or boycott their ass. There should be a law passed to bring back manufacturing.

How much in the end did these companies save by sending all the American manufacturing to China when in the end, it might be the very thing that puts them out of business.