Yuan Jumps After Report on Saudis Weighing Its Use in Oil Deals

The House of Saud appear to be getting tired of old U.S. agreements. Maybe they don’t like the idea of their U.S. dollars being so easily sanctioned.

I hear they snubbed Biden recently in regards to Russia too. :thinking:


Well, in the spirit of silver linings, we are long past the time when we should be supporting and protecting that villainous regime.

Let them be the ones to break the friendship. Let’s see what happens


I say we flip the bird to all of them, open every last fossil tap we have, and convert a few thousand nukes into giant water boilers (we’ll still have thousands leftover).


The US dollar is the primary world currency because oil trading around the world settles in dollars. China is moving to be the true manufacturing power in the world, exporting manufactured goods, importing energy and raw materials, with all of the trade settling in their currency instead of the dollar. Then these countries will need to join the Chinese controlled payment settlement system and it spirals.

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You think gas prices now are high :rofl:. They will be higher than you on Saturday night


Should’ve kept the gold and silver! :wink:

Not mechanically possible. :wink:


Libs have weaponized everything to push their authoritarianism.

Look no farther then libs on this very forum…they been supporting that weaponization at every step.


If I had to live in an assimilated way within an authoritarian theocracy, I’d probably take Iran over Saudi’s Dynastic Wahhabism. Iran has a civil society. Women can drive, go to college, own land, have a career, etc.

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You’ve figured it all out. Nothing gets by you.

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I remember you being offended when I said libs have weaponized government…while denying that you’re doing it.

How do you like that realignment? In bed with likes of John Bolton?

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I don’t get offended here. It’s too vague a charge to be offensive, anyway.

You’ve been saying “realignment” for years. That refers to major shifts in voting patterns and party identification. When it happens and you can explain it with any clarity, I’ll be here waiting.

Private citizen Bolton is giving the traditional GOP foreign policy stuff, going back to Reagan: strength, victory, blah blah blah.

I’ve supported NATO ever since I was a little conservative. Still do. I think Biden has taken the best course that he could: no open/direct intervention so far, which is currently the wiser of two bad choices. If that’s “in bed with John Bolton” then that ■■■■■■ is losing that mustache.

If Bolton had been nicer and more deferential to Trump but had the same views he does now, you wouldn’t even bring him up.

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Not too surprising they would use the Yuan.

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I don’t think it spirals. I think it evolves into two separate monetary systems. And the countries who facilitate exchange will get filthy rich.

Yeah, I think I agree. In any event, in a (minor) hour of need, the Saudis ( and presumably their client nations) have failed us. Let us kick 'em to the curb.

Yes, petro-yuans are a logical outcome of Biden’s China-First policies.

The sanctions that are supposedly designed to hurt Russia also hurt dollar-based finance systems in the US and Europe. China is the clear winner.

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This is a cool article about the history of the US-Saudi relationship, noting that we’re not allies, even though there was a concerted effort to create a myth about the alliance.

It’s longish, but worth a skim. It also reminds us that Saudi Arabia is the U.S. defense industry’s largest foreign customer.