You'te not running Hillary. You can stop lying now

Does she lie of fun or is it pathological? She’ claims that 40,000 to 80,000 people were turned away from the Wisconsin polls due to the color of their skin. She’s gotta be high. There is not a chance that this happened. Zero. And she provides no evidence. If this is the case, why on Earth would this not be a major civil rights lawsuit? You’re a nut job Hillary. Nobody stopped anyone from voting because they were black. You need to climb on your broom and fly off into the sunset.

Note: This is not Trump thread. We have 1000 of those already. We know the libs think that Trump is a liar. Please stay on topic.

Agree, altair. She’s playing the Trump game of the buck never stopping with her. She’s flat out wrong, people just didn’t want to vote for her.

The election in 2018, turnout was higher than ever, and Scott Walker lost his job, as well as the partisan Republican state attorney general, and the Republican US Senate candidate got schlonged. The problem was Hillary and her lazy campaign.


Good reply.
I hate racial politics. I do point it out when I see it. But I truly I hate it. The false labeling, the assumptions of racism and everything that goes with it. We are not perfect. But we’re damned good. And most people left or right are decent. We shouldn’t be trying to create a race problem.

I’m more liberal than not, but really Hillary just needs to go enjoy her retirement and stop blaming others for the fact that she was a terrible candidate all around.

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She’s not lying. She’s using the bigly numbers people said were alternative facts plus we know the truth isn’t truth.

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She ran a ■■■■ campaign, she’s not above lying and corrupt practices, and she lost to Donald of all people.

Go away.


It’s really annoying when has-been politicians try to keep staying relevant well past their time. I sort of felt the same way about Sarah Palin too. No one cares, go away please.

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democrats in govt rely on identity politics. it just didnt work for her this time.

They all rely on identity politics, don’t try to insinuate otherwise.

It was her turn! #I’mwithher->

Yeah, don’t get me started about her sense of entitlement about deserving to be President… that probably did her in more than anything Trump could have done.

oh please the left is nothing but identity politics. everything is about race, gender, gay etc

What’s the Motley Crue song?

Girl, don’t go away mad
Girl just go away

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I half expected the liberals in this forum to defend her. I am pleasantly surprised.

Well, it’s my opinion that people don’t misremember sniper fire. But maybe that’s just me. Democrats were stupid in letting her get away with being the candidate, and your OP continues to show that Hillary has only Hillary to blame.

Unfortunately, I’m not certain they’ve learned their lesson yet for 2020 even.

Damn right. Now let’s all go to the Trump rally and hear him tell rural Christian white working class high school educated men that immigrants are ruining the country. Oh and if there’s one of Trump’s black people in the crowd he’ll tell them how black Americans have been harmed by the Democrats and he’ll fix everything for them.

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Please, PLEASE tell me you believe the right is different.

bounce bounce

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Meh - Hillary managed to accomplish the impossible. She managed to lose to Donald Trump of all people. If anything shows she has no business whatsoever in politics, that does. Worst screw up I’ve ever seen.


Absolutely. You lose to that fool, you have no business carrying the nuclear football.


Yep. Of all her evils, the claim of coming under enemy fire while serving her country was perhaps the worst.